Las Manos Magicas

I like to perform magic tricks like my big sister Kaman.

Anyway I was always upset because Kaman would not teach me the tricks 🙂

So I was very excited the first time I watch ‘Las Manos Magicas’.

I watch ‘Las Manos Magicas’ on NTV7.

‘Las Manos Magicas’ means ‘The Magic Hands’.

The show teaches us how to do magic tricks.

I read in the internet that ‘Las Manos Magicas’ is originally in Spanish but now it is translated to other languages and in English the show is named ‘With The Magic Hands’.

The first episode that I watched was a trick to make a coin ‘disappear’.

In Malaysia, Las Manos Magicas is aired daily on NTV7 from 8:30 to 8:31 am.

I like to watch the show because it teaches me how to do simple and interesting magic tricks 🙂

Tao Shu

I watch Tao Shu on TV AlHijrah.

It was fun.

The  story was about Tao Shu and his sister Ling Ling.

The story teach us good values.

I read on the internet that Tao Shu is originally from Peach Blossom Media.

Tao Shu and his family are Chinese just like my grandmother.

The first episode that I watched was about a plant that cannot be pulled out.

Anyway, Tao Shu’s animation and graphic is not very beautiful.

In Malaysia Tao Shu is aired Monday to Friday on TV AlHijrah at 5:00 pm.

The cast are:

I think Pocoyo or 3rd & Bird‘s animations and graphics are much better than Tao Shu.

Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes

I knew about this new TV show when Mr. Josh Selig sent me a comment on my post, 3rd & Bird.

Mr. Josh Selig is the founder and president of the Little Airplane Productions.

He is the creator of ‘Wonder Pets’ and ‘3rd & Bird’.

In his comment he told me about their new show, ‘Small Potatoes’.

‘Small Potatoes’ will be aired in Spring 2011.

There are four main characters in ‘Small Potatoes’.

‘Small Potatoes’ is a short form animated series.

And Mr. Josh Selig wrote to me that, ” ‘Small Potatoes’ promotes good values and is also a very cute and very musical show”.

I think Ruby is very cute.


Anyway I cannot check out the songs because I do not have a Facebook account.

I hope ‘Small Potatoes’ can promote good values and as fun as ‘Wonder Pets’ and ‘3rd and Bird’.

Please check out my new post, ‘Imagination’, A Song From ‘Small Potatoes’ to listen to a song from ‘Small Potato’ 🙂

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