Tropical Cyclone Ului Is Going To Australia

Tropical Cyclone Ului is expected to hit North Queensland, Australia early Sunday.

It is expected to cause strong winds of 170 km per hour (105 miles per hour) and heavy rains.

Strong winds can damage tress, plants and not very strong houses.

The heavy rains can cause flooding.

This is a disaster.

There may be very high waves too as what happened in Fiji during Tropical Cyclone Tomas.

Tropical Cyclone Ului hit Solomon Islands earlier this week.

It caused floods and the strong winds damaged and destroyed homes, plants and trees.

People in the areas may have to move so that they won’t be hit by the storm.

I think that somebody should help them to move from there by super sonic jets.

Super sonic jets can fly faster!

Tropical Cyclone Tomas Hit Fiji

Tomas Cyclone hit Fiji

Tropical Cyclone Tomas hit the northern islands of Fiji on Monday evening.

It brought very strong wind; about 275 km an hour or 170 miles an hour.

It also brought very heavy rain.

It is a Category 4 storm which is the second strongest storm.

The Category 5 storm is the strongest of all.

It is expected to bring heavy rain and strong wind to Suva.

Suva is the capital of Fiji.

It is on the main island named Viti Levu.

The very strong wind can blow away houses that are not strongly built.

A hospital roof was blown away by the strong wind.

The storm caused huge waves as high as 8 meters.

Cikoba Island felt the full force of the storm.

All contact to the island has been lost.

The schools are closed until Tuesday.

Cyclone is a natural disaster.

I think we should try to help them as soon as possible.

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