Exclusive Video: Are Malaysian Policemen Brutal?

A man was caught by a policeman for not wearing seatbelts while driving in Malaysia.

The Chinese man taped the scene where he argued with the policeman demanding to know what had he done wrong when he was issued a traffic summon for the above reason.

Now, I wonder if he understands the traffic rules?

It looks very funny because in this video, the driver who was caught was very angry at the policeman; but if you look at the policeman, he was very calm and when the man asked for his police number, the policeman even gave a thumbs up.

Maybe the driver does not like the Malaysian rules for he keeps on questioning what had he done wrong even after the policeman had answered him.

And he kept repeating to the words, “polis Malaysia” or “Malaysian police”; may be he thinks that wearing seatbelts is a weird traffic rule and people do not have to wear seatbelts in other countries. 

I wonder why did he tape this video, was he proud of what he did?

Thank you to MynewshubChannel for the video.

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