A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

One hot summer afternoon, Ahmad drove his car along a narrow, bumpy road. He drove quite fast, but not too fast to avoid colliding with another car that might come from the opposite direction, especially when his car was not in a good condition due to the bumpy road.

Suddenly his car jerked and stopped. Ahmad was surprised and he quickly went out of his car. He stepped on the hot, rocky road and and felt the heat of the hot summer sun burning his skin. He shaded his eyes from the sun and went to the back of his car.

Immediately, he saw what was wrong with the car, he had a punctured tyre. He squatted down in front of the punctured tyre,  thinking of how to fix it. He saw a car coming and he stood up and waved his hand at the car. The driver saw him and stopped his car.

The driver walked out of the car and walked towards Ahmad. He looked at Ahmad in disbelief, “Ahmad, I haven’t seen you for a long time!” said the driver excitedly.

“Ariff! I’m so happy to see you. It has been three years since you moved away from the city! Ariff, I need your help. I have a punctured tyre, but I’ve never fix a punctured tyre before,” said Ahmad to his old friend Ariff.

“Sure, I’m glad to help you!” said Ariff with a big smile.

Ariff walked to his car, and took out a spare tyre and some tools from his car boot . Ariff taught Ahmad how to use a car jack and they took out the punctured tyre. After that Afiff taught Ahmad how to put on the new tyre. When they were done, Ahmad thanked Ariff and invited Ariff to his holiday cottage for dinner.

“Thank you for the invitation. I really wish that I could but I had promised my cousin to have dinner at his house tonight. May be some other day, said Ariff before saying good bye .

Ahmad continued his journey to his lakeside holiday cottage. After two hours, he arrived at his destination. It was a lovely, small cottage surrounded by fruit trees, facing a beautiful lake and with a big field o its right.

He heaved a sigh of relief and walked towards his cottage. He plucked some the red, ripe apples from the tree by his drive way before walking inside his cottage. It was almost seven, so he went to the kitchen and prepared his dinner.

Before he could even started eating his meal, his phone rang. He picked up his phone, it was Ariff calling to tell him that his car crashed due to a very heavy rain about two hours drive from Ahmad’s cottage.

Ahmad quickly drove to the accident location and was relieved to see that his childhood friend was unhurt. He invited Ariff to stay at his cottage while his car was being fixed. Ariff thanked Ahmad for being a good friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed

A Story Of A Bird Named Usraft – A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

It was a very cold, dark, rainy night. A blue bird was flying home in the heavy rain. With its wings all wet and it’s talons injured, the blue bird flew very low over a hedge.

As it was struggling to fly against the cold, strong wind, a red car drove past the hedge, running over a big puddle by the roadside.

“SPLOSH!” a big splash of water hit the poor blue bird and knocked it to the ground.

The car stopped by the roadside and a man named Ahmad came out of the car. He walked over and picked up the injured bird. He carried the poor bird to his car and he quickly drove home.

As soon as Ahmad reached his house, he laid a clean towel on his dinning table and gently, he dried the poor, cold bird. Ahmad took out a roll of bandage and bandaged the bird’s two injured talons. Then, he fed the hungry bird before putting it in a small bird-cage.

Early the next morning, Ahmad went to the kitchen to have his breakfast. He was greeted by his three cats, Kalarta, Stripsla and Visla.

“Hi! Good morning,” said Ahmad cheerfully to his cats before he prepared his breakfast. He remembered the blue bird and walked over to the cage where the injured blue bird was sleeping. Suddenly he remembered the birdseed that he had bought the week before. He took out the birdseed and fed the bird before washing his hands and ate his breakfast.

After breakfast, Ahmad walked over to the bird’s cage followed by his cats.

“Hello, Usraft,” said Ahmad to the blue bird. Ahmad opened the cage door and let the bird flew around the house. The blue bird was very happy to be out of the cage but it was hard for it to perch as it’s talons were injured.

Ahmad put the bird back in its cage and went back to his dinning table. He took out his laptop to search more information about bird’s talons. Then he searched on how to heal an injured bird talon. He found what he was looking for and he started reading about it. Then he followed the instructions and treated Usraft.

After a week, Ahmad unwrapped the bandage to see if Usraft’s talons were healed. And they did! Ahmad was happy and so was Usraft. Ahmad took Usraft out to the garden and let the bird flew freely outside. The blue bird flew happily around the garden. Then it flew back to where Ahmad was standing and perched on Ahmad’s shoulder.

“Good boy,” said Ahmad to the blue bird. He took it inside and put a red tag around Usraft’s right ankle to mark that it is Usraft. Then Ahmad took Usraft back to the garden to set it free.

“So long, my friend, until we meet again. I won’t forget you!” said Ahmad sadly before setting the bird free. Ahmad was quite sad to free the blue bird, but he knew that it was the right thing to do.

A day later, as Ahmad was gardening in his garden, a car stopped in front of his house as if its tire was punctured. Ahmad walked to the car to see if  he could help the driver. But instead of a punctured tire, he saw a blue bird lying motionless on the car’s bonnet. And then he saw the red tag around its ankle.

It was Usraft! The poor blue bird might had flown to his house to visit him when he collided with the car. Ahmad took up the bird gently but there was nothing that he could do to help Usraft. Ahmad was very sad to see his very first bird friend killed in an accident but he knew that nothing can live forever.

The end


The Little Boy And The Little Brown Fox

One day, a little boy walked through a narrow pathway in a forest, collecting fallen branches for firewood. As he was walking, he saw a little brown fox walking towards him from the tall grasses.

The poor little boy quickly climbed up a tree, for he feared that the little brown fox might bite him. The little brown fox looked at the little boy and wiggled its tail before running towards him. Looking down at the little brown fox that was excitedly running towards him, the little boy climbed higher up the tree, for he was so scared of the little brown fox.

Then suddenly he stopped, for he was already at the top of the tree. The scared little boy could not climb up any further. Suddenly he got an idea. He reached for a vine and swung to the next tree! Then he climbed down the tree and ran towards his house.

The little brown fox followed the little boy all the way down the other tree and ran after him. As the little boy reached his house followed by the little brown fox, he remembered that he had left his house keys in his tent at the camp site by the river.

So he ran around his house followed by the little brown fox before running down the path to the camp site. But the journey was neither short nor easy. The little boy had to run as fast as he could while at the same time, he had to avoid the rocks and trees down the rocky,narrow and winding path way.

As he almost reached the camp side, the poor little the boy hit a tree and fell down. The little brown fox ran faster to its target. The little boy quickly got to his feet and climbed up the nearest tree. 

The little brown fox saw another tree beside the one that the little boy was climbing, so it climbed up the tree. The little boy didn’t know that the little brown fox was climbing up that tree, so he swung to the tree and quickly climbed down thinking that the fox was up on the other tree. 

Suddenly, as he almost reached the ground, he collided with the fox!  The little boy did not know what to do, so he decided to jump down to the ground for it wasn’t that high. He landed on the soft ground safely and the little brown fox jumped down after him. The little boy continued running to the camp site. As he got closer, he tripped over some roots and fell into the bushes.

The little brown fox ran faster towards the poor little boy and jumped on top of him. Then the most unexpected thing happened! The little brown fox cuddled the little boy and fell asleep on his lap. The little boy was so surprised as he looked at the little brown fox.

“Poor little brown fox, you must have been very tired,” said the little boy as he carried the little brown fox to the camp site. So after all, the little brown fox actually did not mean to hurt the little boy but it only need a friend and a warm place to sleep. Since that day, the little boy and the little brown fox became the best of friends.

>>> The End <<<

The cute little brown fox hiding in the tall grasses.
The cute little brown fox hiding in the tall grasses.

The Tale Of The Sheriff And The Boy

A boy rode a horse across the desert with a small bag in his hand. A sheriff rushed past the trotting horse wondering what he ate for dinner on Wednesday last weekend. Suddenly he remembered something. He turned around and ran towards the boy.

The boy saw the sheriff coming and he quickly brushed his teeth and rode towards Las Vegas. The Sheriff whistled and down came a falcon which belonged to his good friend, Mr. Black Blun. He climbed up onto the falcon and commanded Black to follow the boy to Las Vegas.

Meanwhile on the falcon, the sheriff took out a tiny bag and pulled out a toothbrush and a cute, little tube of clove flavoured toothpaste and start brushing his teeth. Black ate lemons one after another until at last, they arrived at their destination. The sheriff jumped down of the falcon with Black and the falcon flew away tearing a billboard sign.

“Oh,” said Black. “There goes my falcon. Oh well, why are we here, Sheriff?”

The Sheriff answered, “I want to meet that boy. He’s now in one of those crowds that are brushing their teeth facing a mirror while closing their eyes and lying down on the floor. They brush their teeth for an hour every week on Wednesday.”

The two men walked around the place and found four groups of people who were brushing their teeth facing a mirror while closing their eyes and lying down on the floor. The sheriff spotted the boy and he quickly ran towards him but the leader of the group who was also brushing his teeth at the time, ran towards the sheriff to offer him a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.

Anyway, the sheriff could not understand what he was saying because he could only mumble, for his mouth was full of toothpaste. The sheriff thought he was trying to sell some tooth brushing set, so he pushed the guy away and ran towards the boy.  Just as the Sheriff was about to reach the boy, everyone got up and ran towards him to where the sinks were to clean their mouth. They collided with the Sheriff and the sheriff tumbled down onto the floor.

The Sheriff got up but two men ran into him and he fell down again. As he got up again, some children who came out of nowhere came running and bumped into him. Then he got up and ran quickly without looking where he was going and he slipped over some slippery toothpaste that spilled all over the floor. He got up again and slipped over that the toothpaste again, and again, and again until the children came back running towards him. He rolled aside and ran away while the children disappeared into some sort of tent.

The Sheriff then went inside the tent to see what was happening. Then, as he was about to push away the velvet curtain at the tent’s entrance, a large motorcycle flew over his head, almost knocking it off. The Sheriff ran to the rider who looked like a Chinese man and he hugged the rider tightly till he was almost chocked.

“My brother!” the sheriff exclaimed excitedly. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. The last time we met was when you joined the police force.”

“Hi, there, big brother!” said the sheriff’s brother with a big smile. “How have you been? It’s really nice to see you again”, continued his brother.

But the sheriff had no time to answer as at that very moment, the boy he was looking for ran in front of him. He ran after the boy and he caught the boy’s sleeves but the boy turned out to be someone else. It was the man who offered the Sheriff a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste before he was knocked down to the floor. The sheriff quickly ran away before the man. who was still holding a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste in his hands, could say anything and bumped into another boy. It was the boy he was chasing!

The boy was holding some drumsticks and he started a parade followed by more and more people marching behind him, singing all sort of national anthems. First they sang the Uruguay’s national anthem, then Spain’s, after that they sang Germany’s national anthem, next followed by China’s, and last of all, they sang the Russian national anthem.

They sang so loudly that they did not need any microphone. The sheriff decided to join the parade so he could catch up with the boy. But trying as hard as he could, he failed to move near to the boy even after they repeated singing the national anthems six times over and over again.

Then, the sheriff decided to look for a lasso. He saw one on the floor and he took it up. He started to spin it, but as he spun it at full speed, he started to dance to the beat of a song played somewhere. Only then he found out that it was a musical lasso that will make people dance when they spin it. So he let go of the spinning lasso and went to a magic show.

He volunteered in a magic trick. In that trick, he became inflatable and flew up into the air. After enjoying flying in the air, he pressed a special button and slowly he grew smaller and smaller until he was on the ground again.

He continued searching for the boy until all of a sudden, the boy ran towards him. The boy gave him a bright brown hat with wings on it, and the wings started to flap.

The sheriff smiled happily, “Thanks, boy. This hat is awesome! I was looking for you all over the place to ask about this special hat that I ordered last week. Now here’s the money. Bye, see you later!”

>>>The End<<<

The Astolf Band, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Part 5)

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“Oooh, what a great aeroplane. This A380 First Suite is awesome,” said Martin. “It’s like a huge private jet with lots of passengers. I’ll go to sleep now so that I can start working once we reach London,” he added with a big smile. About 21 hours later, the plane landed safely at the London’s Heathrow Airport. It was a great flight and everybody had a good rest after their adventure on the way to the Melbourne Airport. “I’ll go and discuss about our show at the Royal Albert Hall with the press,” said Martin and he added, “Paul, I’ll take the tube to London and I’ll meet you at your house later,”

Paul drove his friends to his home where his old Uncle Jack was waiting for them. Uncle Jack was their band manager and he had been working on their latest concert as soon as he received Paul’s call from Australia. “I’d say that the best date for the concert should be on the 2nd of July, perhaps,” said Paul’s uncle looking at his diary. “I had a meeting with my old friend who is the manager of the Royal Albert Hall and he suggested the date,” he added. “Then we only have about 2 months to go,”said Paul. He called Martin, “Marty, the concert will be on the 2nd of July at 21:00”.

After his meetings, Martin met them at Paul’s house. “Pretty cosy in here, Paul,” said Martin. “I’ve always like your home. It is really comfortable, with soft sofas and tasty hot drinks”. It was a very beautiful house indeed, and it is not far from London.

The next day they were very busy getting ready for the concert. Paul took out his purple glittering trousers with a matching jacket and a white shirt. Martin pulled out his blue shirt with white sleeves while Eve put out her long and glittering pink dress from her bag. Lin took out her beautiful red dress carefully out her bag while Peter searched for his shining black jacket and black trousers from his bag. They put on their clothes and started practicing. They practiced very hard and wanted to give their best for the concert.

A few days before the concert, the Caltex petrol station cashier arrived safely in England. Paul invited him to his house and to watch their rehearsals. He also invited his old friends, Jalil and Kamal to the concert. They arrived in London after a 10 hours flight from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

A day before the concert, they went to Gordon Ramsay restaurant for a tasty breakfast and off they went to the Royal Albert Hall for their rehearsals. There were fans waiting for them outside the hall and they were very happy to see them. The tickets were already sold out and lots of their fans were sad because there was no more tickets left.

Everybody was very excited about the concert, especially their special guest, the Caltex petrol station cashier from Australia. He sat happily at the VIP seats together with Jalil and Kamal. The Astolf Band’s fans were very excited to see Paul Tonnel, Martin Flangs, Eve Sara, Lin Bastain and Peter Hard singing together again in their glittering, colourful and shining shirts, jackets and dresses. They sang and sang, danced and danced happily as they used to do years before. The crowds were cheering, “More, more!” every time they finished their songs. The fans were all shouting loudly with excitement and Paul’s uncle kept saying, “Bravo! Bravo!” until the end of the concert. It was a marvelous night! Some of their fans even fainted because they were too excited watching the band on stage!

The Caltex petrol station cashier was so proud and happy to be able to watch the concert, he was a good man who liked to help others and never thought to be able to watch a concert by the Astolf Band in London. Paul Tonnel, Martin Flangs, Eve Sara, Lin Bastain and Peter Hard were good friends and they were always nice to their fans and everybody they met. They were very happy to sing together and to see their fans again.

~~ The End ~~

The Astolf Band, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Part 4)

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After a wonderful barbecue, they all went inside for some tea. Peter asked Paul, “What’s your plan for tomorrow?” Paul answered, “Since everyone is here, we’d better go back to England and start working for our concert. There would be a lot of things to do. We’ll first must make an announcement through the media, then we’ll have to plan for our concert”. “Okay,” said Peter “I’ll go upstairs and book my flight online. Paul shouted at Peter, “Don’t forget that we’ll be flying on the 1:00 am Qantas flight.

Very early the next morning, Martin woke up to a big roar. He went to the window and looked outside. “It is raining!” shouted Martin. He took his umbrella and ran outside. “Woo-hoooo!” shouted Martin excitedly, singing in the rain. Peter, who was in the kitchen, slicing the delicious, freshly made cheese for breakfast wondered what Martin was doing outside. Peter walked out and the happy Martin shouted excitedly, “Ooh! What a wonderful rain! I’ve been waiting to sing in the rain for so long.”

Peter pulled him inside and told him that a storm is coming. Martin had been very busy travelling to the big cities that he really missed singing in the rain like he used to do when ever the Astolf Band members were together in the countryside. “Storm?” asked Martin. He switched on the television to watch the news.

Eve woke up after a lightning struck the ground a thundering thunder roared outside her bedroom. It was very dark. “Blackout?” asked Paul who was using his laptop. He turned it off and went down stairs. Lin was walking out from her room when the lights suddenly went off. She went downstairs and asked, “Is it a blackout or somebody had switched off the electricity?” Martin answered, “A blackout!” while buttering the bread. “Ooh. That smells so good,” said Lin, walking to the dinning table. “Really tasty, you must try it,” said Paul while eating his bread. Peter said, “Home-made butter;  my home-made butter. And also the freshly home-made bread”.

The bad storm was almost gone when they walked out to the car to go to the airport. Martin sat beside the driver seat and asked Peter,”Are you sure that we can catch our flight?” Peter answered, “I hope so”. After they’ve travelled about 6 kilometres, they realised that they were almost out of fuel. Peter stop by at the Caltex petrol station to refill the petrol and soon they were on the way to the airport.

Soon as the car was moving towards the Melbourne Airport, the car suddenly shook. “What’s wrong with the car?” asked Lin. “I think it must be the tyre!” said Peter. “We must have hit something sharp!” They went out to check the tyres. “Wild kangaroos!” shouted Martin. “They are coming our way, run!” They ran and ran and ran until they reached a petrol station nearby. The three wild kangaroos were still behind them. The cashier of the mart at the station saw the kangaroos chasing the friends. The cashier was also a cowboy who was very good at using the lasso.

He took out his lasso with a 10 metre rope, and lassoed the wild kangaroos one by one until he caught all of the kangaroos. They were amazed to see how the cashier lassoed the kangaroos, it was like watching a cowboy film. They thanked him and Martin asked him if he could help them to fix the tyre. “Of course!” said the cashier. They led him to the car and the cashier helped them to replace the tyre. “Thanks! We have something for you for helping us,” said Paul giving the cashier a fifty dollar note, “We would like to invite you to our concert in London. I’ll be sending a ticket for you to go to our concert, together with a plane ticket to London.”

They drove off to the airport  hoping that they would not miss their flight. “We are not very far from the airport now,” said Paul. As they were running inside the Melbourne Airport, they heard an announcement saying that their flight to London was delayed. “Good,” said Peter, “We are very lucky that the flight was delayed, if not we might have missed our flight.” At 3:30 pm, when they boarded the plane to London.

To be continued …

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The Astolf Band, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Part 3)

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“Mmm … Tasty!”  said Martin licking his lips. He put down his tea cup and looked at Lin saying, “The tea is very tasty, Lin”. Lin answered, “Thank you, Marty. So all of you are going to Australia tomorrow morning, right? Can I come along?” “That is a very good idea,” said Eve. She put down her tea cup and said, “You are right, Marty. The tea is very tasty.” Lin went up from her chair and said, “All of you can sleep here tonight. I’ll cook dinner for all of us.” “Lin, do you have the ticket yet?” asked Eve. “No, I’d better book my ticket now,” answered Lin going to her computer to book her ticket.

Early the next morning, the four friends were ready to go to the airport. Lin said to her friends, “We’d better get going. I think it is time to go to the airport.” “Yes! Time to go to Australia to meet our old friend, Peter Hard,” added Paul, smiling happily. Soon, they were in a taxi, on the way to the San Pablo Airport. They rushed inside the airport and checked in their bags. “Vuelo a Australia está listo para despegar!” Lin looked at her friends excitedly and said, “That is our flight to Australia, let’s go!” Soon they were on the aeroplane to Australia to meet their friend.

On the lands of Australia, they rented a car and drove from the airport, past an orchard by a hill, and green fields full of cows. “It is beautiful in Australia,” said Eve. Later they reached Peter Hard’s house. Paul knocked the door and after a while, Peter opened it. Paul asked Peter, “Will you join us to re ….” But before Paul could finish his question, Peter laughed loudly and hugging Paul, Peter said, “Ha ha ha! My old friends. It is really good to see all of you again.”  

Paul was stunned.  The serious Peter was acting so weirdly that made him nervous. Paul cleared his throat and continued his sentence “… vive the Astolf Band?” Peter pulled Paul inside while saying, “Of Course! I love the idea. In fact I really miss the band members. And it is so good to see my old dear friends again.” Peter looked at his friends and said, “This is a big house and I have enough rooms for everybody. You can go apple picking in my orchard while I get things ready for a barbecue dinner tonight.  By the way, there are a few pear trees in the backyard and a few cherry trees near the garage. Bring some big baskets so that we can enjoy lots of the sweet, juicy fruits tonight.”

To Be Continued …

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The Astolf Band, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Part 2)

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After the cup of tea, Martin invited Paul and Eve to spend the night at his home. They had an early night because the next morning, they were going to Spain to meet Lin Bastain.

The three friends woke up very early the next morning. They all rushed into Martin’s car. And “Vrroooom!” went the car. The car speeded down the road, they turn left and right and at last they reached the Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

Martin parked his car and they rushed to the departure area, checked in their bags and soon they heard, “Achtung! Flug nach Spanien wird bald fahren!”. “That is our flight to Spain, let’s go!”, said Martin rushing to the departure gate.

In the aeroplane after they buckled their seat belts,  Martin put on the headphone to listen to the music while Paul went to sleep.  Eve looked outside watching the birds flying over the buildings around the airport.

A few hours later, their plane landed safely in Spain. Paul, Eve and Marty took a taxi and they drove past the woods to Lin’s house. At last they reached Lin’s house. Martin went to the small house and knocked the door. The door opened and Martin saw Lin at the door holding a newspaper.

Lin was speechless to see her friends. Martin said, “Oh! Hello Lin”, and he pulled Paul and pushed him to the front door. Paul asked, “Hello Lin, would you like to join us to revive the Astolf Band?” Lin looked at them and said, “Did you came all the way to Spain just for that?” She smiled and said, “Of course, if you all will come inside and have tea with me.”

To be continued…

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The Astolf Band, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

After a very successful performance in London, Paul Tonnel had a very nice rest in his home. He was sipping his tea and listening to the music when started to think about the old Astolf Band.

Paul Tonnel was the singer and guitarist of the Astolf Band that used to be a very popular band in the 1980s. Suddenly he thought it would be nice if he could re-group and revive the band as it was in the old times. He went to his computer and searched for the addresses of the original members of the band, Paul Tonnel, Martin Flangs, Eve Sara, Lin Bastain and Peter Hard.

He wanted to contact them and to ask them if they want to revive the band. He read the list and then he realised that they all lived far away from each other. He slid his chair to his other computer and used the internet to book a flight to Germany to meet Martin Flangs. Then he went to his bed and went to sleep.

“RRR-IIII-NGGG,” went the alarm clock. Paul ran to his bathroom and brushed his teeth and started to think what would the others think about the his idea. Than he put it out of his mind and ran to his car.

He drove to the Heathrow Airport. He parked his car and waited for his flight. But an hour later, the flight was delayed for another half an hour. While he waited, he took out his hand phone to book another flight to Spain and later to Australia. Pulling his bag to the departure hall, he saw another Astolf Band member, Eve Sara chased by her fans.

He ran after her and asked her if she would like to revive the Astolf Band. Eve whispered, “I have never thought about it but I will if you help me to get out of this crowd”. So, to get Eve away from the crowd, Paul made a 15 minutes show for the very excited fans. After it was over, he only had just enough time to catch his flight.

He found out that Eve was also going to Germany and they ran together to catch the plane. They were almost late but they reached there before the departure gate was closed. Their fans followed them and later went to look out for their plane and waving as they watched the plane flew high up to the sky.

It Germany, the plane went down safely and when Paul’s phone received the signals from satellite, he called Martin. “Marty, I will reach your house at around 9:00 pm tonight. Bye,” said Paul while rushing to get out of the airport and to get to Martin’s house.

At 9:00 pm sharp, Martin heard a car in front of his house. Martin said to himself, “Das sollte Paul,” which means that should be Paul and rushed to open the door. He rushed outside and almost said, “Willkommen Sie alten Freund”. He lived in Germany for more than 2 years now that he almost speak German to his English friend. He quickly change to English, “Welcome my old friend”.

Paul asked Martin about his idea to revive the Astolf Band. Martin thought for a moment and asked, “Would you like a cup of tea?” Eve said, “Yes please, of course” while going inside the house. Paul shook his head and asked again, “Marty, would you like to revive the Astolf Band?”. Martin smiled and answered, “Sure!”.

To be continued…

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A Man Named Jalil, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Chapter 3)

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Jalil rushed to his office to attend the conference. He parked his car and ran into his office. When he reached the conference room, he found out that nobody was there yet. He was very proud to be the first person to arrive for the conference. So he setup the projector and get things ready  for his important presentation.

Soon more people came into the conference room. People looked at him as if something was wrong with him. Jalil looked at himself and realised that he accidentally wear a tuxedo instead of a jacket! No wonder people were looking at him.

After the conference, they had a business meeting. They discussed about ways to look for new costumers and to attract more people to buy their goods. Jalil said to his boss, “I think that we should also try to attract the kids,” he said. “We should use glitters and colourful lights at the kids department of our stores. That will attract more kids’. His boss looked at him and said, “Wonderful! What a great idea! Ten dollars for you, Jamil.” Jalil cleared his throat and said, ‘I am Jalil, boss, not Jamil’.

At home, Jalil looked at the ten dollars note that he received from his boss. Then, “MREEEEOW!” He looked outside and saw his cat fighting with his horse. The cat ran inside the house followed by a few chickens in a parade. Jalil was stunned, “A cat fighting with a horse? It must be the effect of the wrong food that I fed them this morning,” Jalil said to himself.

Jalil chased the cat. The cat ran into his library and jumped onto his armchair. Jalil leaped towards the armchair to catch the cat but he accidentally knocked down the armchair and fell down on the floor together with the armchair. He could not catch the cat because it had already jumped up onto the ceiling fan! The cat looked at Jalil and the armchair and it went up the stairs to Jalil’s bedroom followed by the chickens in a parade with Jalil at the back of the line chasing after them.

Soon the chase was over. Jalil managed to catch the cat and chased away the animals from his house. He locked the door and looked at the mess that they had caused. Outside his house the cats and the horses and the chickens had stopped fighting. Jalil was too tired to clean up the mess, so he walked to the library and sat down to read his book, ‘Darry Doment’ again hopping that for once he can enjoy his book in peace and quiet.

~The End~

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