Micheal Jackson, Spiderman and Transformer At A Flea Market

I was looking at the things around the Amcorp Flea Market.

On Sunday October 30, 2011, I went to a very popular flea market in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

This is my first visit to a flea market ❗

The flea market is held in the Amcorp Mall building.

It is a very interesting and fun place to visit 🙂

The good thing about having the flea market in a building is, in Malaysia it is so hot and humid.

So it is nicer inside a building where there is air conditioner, unless when there is no electricity 🙂

There are lots of used, old LPs & EPs at the flea market.

We stopped at one stall that sells a lot of Micheal Jackson‘s LP & EP and over there we saw Micheal Jackson!

I saw Micheal Jackson at the Amcorp Flea Market!

There are lots of people especially at the ground floor which is the most interesting part of the flea market.

It is so nice to see so many interesting old things.

I even saw an old machine to mince meat that do not use electricity.

This stall sell old iron, photos, meat mincers, paintings and lots of other old things.
Old tricycle, stroller, bag and more at another stall.

People also sell all kinds of other old, used things like old iron, glasses, stroller, tricycle, telephones, clocks, books and lots of things that I have never seen before 😉

Old telephones, typewriter, sewing machine, clocks and others.

On the upper floor I saw a lazy Spiderman sitting on a chair and an immovable Transformer standing beside him.

Maybe Spiderman is very lazy and only during danger he’ll stand up  🙂

And the Transformer was talking to the Spiderman and telling Spiderman not to fall asleep because he(Transformer) cannot move, so he cannot do anything when danger comes  😉

The lazy SPIDERMAN and the immovable TRANSFORMER.

I hope that I can go there again because maybe there will be more interesting stuffs for me to see 🙂

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