Fishing For Arapaima, Brazil’s Living Fossil – Photos

Fishing for a living fossil?

Reuters reported that a type of fish named arapaima or pirarucu is considered by biologists to be a living fossil.

Arapaima is the largest freshwater fish species in South America and one of the largest in the world,

Catching the arapaima, a fish that is sought after for its meat, is only allowed once a year by Brazil’s environmental protection agency.

The minimum size allowed for a fisherman to keep an arapaima is 1.5 meters. 

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Amazon Pink River Dolphin

A pink dolphin shows off for the camera in Brazil
A pink dolphin shows off for the camera in Brazil

Tourist Michel Watson found this pink dolphin making a splash in Brazil.

The unusual creature, which hides deep in the Rio Negro river, was spotted leaping out of the Amazonian water brandishing its bizarre bright bubblegum colour.

Weighing in at nearly 300 pounds, the curious animal, known as an Amazon Pink River Dolphin, looked unusually agile as it rose above the waves.

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In Photos: Gauchos (Cowboys) In Action

Today I learn a new word which – gauchos.

In the U.S.A. people call them cowboys but in Latin Americas they are called  ‘gauchos’.

These gauchos from all over Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil visit Montevideo to participate in the Criolla Week to win the best rider award.

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Michael Jackson’s Earth Song

The ‘Earth Song’ is about the bad things some people did to the Earth.

I love the song very much because it tells us to stop destroying our Earth.

People cut down trees, killed wild animals, start forest fire and war.

The video clip shows in the rain forest of Amazon, South America people are cutting down trees.

The rain forest was beautiful before they cut down trees.

But after people cut down the trees there is no more beautiful green trees.

The video clip also shows the war in Croatia.

I can see houses that were destroyed by bomb and no green trees.

The place was so green and beautiful before the war.

Now there are war in Palestine and Afghanistan.

I saw dead elephant in Tanzania, Africa.

People killed the elephants because they want the elephants’ tasks.

Other wild animals such as zebra, giraffes, sea lions and dolphins are also in danger.

Forest fire burn the trees, animals and humans.

In the video clip Micheal Jackson was not burnt because it was not a real forest fire 🙂

We have to save our Earth from disasters.

Michael Jackson singing ‘Earth Song’

We have to stop the war, stop the fire, stop killing wild animals and stop cutting down the trees.

Bulldozer cutting down the trees

We have to save the Earth.

I think I will write a song entitled ‘Stop Destroying Our Earth’.

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