Pakatan Rakyat, Pluralism, Socialism And Revolusion

In Penang, a small group of people had attended a ‘Holy Book Reading’ session yesterday.

Among them was Mislina Mustaffa who had earlier participated in other illegal demonstrations organised by the oppositions such as the ‘Occupy Dataran Merdeka’ and the’ KL112′.

From Occupy Dataran Merdeka, to the HKR #KL112 and all the way to here.
From Occupy Dataran Merdeka, to the HKR #KL112 and now the ‘Holy Book reading’. Thank you Sel 13, Cucu Tok selampit and info 4 the truth for the photos.

I don’t know which holy books they were reading because I was not there.

Anyway I saw a lady wearing hijab in the photos. 

I wonder; if she is a Muslim, does she understand what she was doing?

A part of the people who attended the event.

But reading the sign below, maybe she does not understand …

I wonder if they wrote this sign to tell that they are confused … 

This is part of Pluralism of Religions and for the Muslims, this is not the right way  to respect other religions.

And there was a sign in one of the photos below that said …

“Read it, NOT BURN IT!!


Who wrote this sign and why?

What issue are they referring to, and who are they accusing as the bad person?

(Please click the photos for larger image)

Who are these people?

And look at the words written on the man’s t-shirt, ‘socialism’ and ‘revolt’. (Please read: KL112: Is PR After A Revolution? and A New Malaysian Flag – A Sign Of PR’s Revolution?

So are they part of those groups who want to start a revolution and support socialism?

Socialism has lots of similarities to communism.

So, is this a part of the oppositions’ plans to make people hate the Muslims and UMNO?

So, what will PAS leaders say about this?

Can we trust PR to uphold our Federal Constitution especially Article 3(1)?

KL112: Is PR After A Revolution?

(Picture from The Flying Kick)
Some of the flyers, do the demonstrators understand the meaning of these flyers? (Picture from The Flying Kick)

These are some of the flyers that was reportedly found around the Masjid Negara (National Mosque), a favourite meeting spot for PR’s demontrators.

One of the flyers says, “Justice For Chin Peng”; let us see:

  • Chin Peng was a long-time leader of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) who fought against the government in an attempt to replace the Malaysian elected government with a Communist Regime.

  • the MCP killed a lot of innocent people and cause a lot of trouble to the Malaysian government and the people.

Does this flyer means that the organiser of the KL112 Demonstration supports the Communist leader, Chin Peng?

So, they support Communism?

And what do they mean by asking for, ‘Justice For Chin Peng’ whom Malaysians regard as an evil enemy?

And what kind of justice are they asking for Chin Peng?

Are they going to make a Revolution? (Picture from (Pas Beruk)
Are they after a revolution? (Picture from Pas Beruk)

The picture above shows another flyer that says, “The Time Has Come  … Revolusi ’47”.

Revolusi is a Malay word for revolution.

Does ’47 means 1947?

And does it has something to do with the history of Indonesian Independence?

So, are they after a revolution to:

A new government without the king with a new flag?

Does it mean that they want a revolution to change this country into a Republic?

Or worse, are they after a Communist State?

Is he a communist? (Picture from RBF Online)
One of PKR’s popular student leader and  an important person in PKR’s demonstrations; I wonder why did he wear that cap? (Picture from RBF Online)
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