Photos: Rare Cloud Formation In Regina, Saskatchewan

(Photo courtesy of Preston Smoke/CBC.CA)

CBC News reported that a cloud formation called a mammatus appeared in the skies above Regina and area following a thunderstorm Tuesday night, June 26, 2012.

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan in Canada.

This is a rare atmospheric phenomenon.

Mammatus or mammatocumulus looks something like cotton balls, puffs and bubbles.

I think it looks spooky 🙂

I love to look at the clouds and try to identify their types but I have never seen mammatus.

The types of clouds that we see can give us some clues about the weather of the day.

(Photo courtesy of robinlawless/CBC.CA)
(Photo courtesy of Janine Ironquill/CBC.CA)
(Photo courtesy of chichi8_8/CBC.CA)
(Photo courtesy of longley999/CBC.CA)
(Photo courtesy of Maile Crowe/CBC.CA)
(Photo courtesy of CBC.CA)
(Photo courtesy of Jeff Harrison/CBC.CA)
(Photo courtesy of Jeff Harrison/CBC.CA)
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