PRK N25 Kajang

Pilihlah calon yang komited untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat, faham masalah rakyat dan bukan calon yang tidak ada kredibeliti dan integriti.

Poster PRK DUN Kajang

Wan Azizah Sedang Bermimpi?

PKR candidate for Kajang by-election, Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah made the above speech in front of her supporters during her campaign in Kajang.

It is very frustrating when an educated person like her made such a bad speech and the worst is, she made up the stories to blame the government of Malaysia.

Opposition leaders try to link Scorpène submarine to everything without thinking whether their facts are right because their supporters do not seems to care about facts and just accept whatever their leaders told them.

What about her integrity and credibility?

It is sad when people do not care about integrity and credibility anymore.

Is this the good governance that Anwar Ibrahim is talking about?

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