Having Tea With Uncle Awang Goneng at My House

Yesterday Uncle Awang Goneng came to my house for tea.

My mother cooked clam chowder and chili con carne.

I ate them with French loaf and butter.

I told Uncle Awang Goneng about my latest poem.

Its name is ‘Light In The Night’.

I’ll write the poem in another post 🙂

I showed Uncle Awang Goneng some posts from my blog.

I wanted to show him the pictures for The Goat Poem’ 🙂

I drew them using Microsoft Paint.

Then we prayed Asr together.

I am very happy to meet Uncle Awang Goneng.

I hope Uncle Awang Goneng will come again to house because it is fun to talk to him and he knows so much about writing poems 🙂

He has his own popular blog – Kecek-kecek

WordPress 2.7 on 5th Dec

I had a surprise when my father woke me up on December 5, 2008.

WordPress 2.7 is here at last!

It was supposed to be here on November 10, 2008.

WordPress 2.7 is more beautiful than WordPress 2.6.5.

I was very excited!

But when I start using it, it was so hard and I got confused.

But now I am not confused anymore.

Now I think it is easy to use WordPress 2.7.

In fact it is easier to reply comments, write new post and to check the blog stats using the WordPress 2.7

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