LIMA’15 Crash: All The Pilots Are Safe

15 03 2015

One of the planes is seen on fire after the collision during a practice run in Langkawi. Photo by Fire and Rescue Services Department

Two KT-1B aircraft of Indonesia’s Jupiter aerobatics team crashed when the two aircraft had clipped each other’s wings during display rehearsals for session for the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (Lima’15) 2015 exhibition at about 2 P.M. just now.

The pilots of the two planes were landed safely after ejecting from their aircraft before the aircraft crashed onto the ground.

They are now under observation at the Langkawi Hospital.

BERNAMA reported that the organiser said that the search and rescue (SAR) team headed by the RMAF was on hand within minutes of the incident and successfully located the pilots in Kendawang, approximately 11.3 km away from the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre.

BERNAMA also reported that, “One house and one parked car caught fire as result of the falling debris but Zulkeflee Abu Mutalib the owner was not at home at the time.”

One of the pilots is seen on a stretcher after being rescued by firemen following the crash in Langkawi. Photo by Fire and Rescue Services Department.

Iran’s Sepahan Air Crashed Killing 48

10 08 2014
This image released by Fars News Agency appears to show the aftermath of the plane crash near Tehran.

This image released by Fars News Agency appears to show the aftermath of the plane crash near Tehran.

Today another passenger plane crashed after series of tragedies involving passenger planes lately.

A Sepahan Air Iran-140 plane crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran’s Mehrabad airport at 9:20 a.m. local time (0450 GMT) on Sunday morning.

Iranian state media reported all 40 passengers and 8 crews were killed, including two infants and three children under the age of 12.

The official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that the plane crashed into the Azad residential block on Mina 6 Boulevard.

State television reported at least three people in the area were taken to hospital with burns.

The plane is a locally assembled version of the Antonov-140.

The plane was heading to Tabas, a town in northeast Iran.

Passenger Jet Crash In Tehran Kills 48 People

Passenger Jet Crash In Tehran Kills 48 People

Passenger Jet Crash In Tehran Kills 48 People

Passenger Jet Crash In Tehran Kills 48 People

23 Years Old Boeing 737 Airliner Crashed at Kazan, Russia

18 11 2013

A Boeing 737 airliner crashed on Sunday at Kazan, Russia killing all 50 passengers on board.

Flight U363 took off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport at 6:25 pm (1425 GMT) and crashed just over an hour later, emergency officials said.

It is said that the plane was 23 years old.

Reuters reported that, flights to and from the airport were halted until midday on Monday.

The son of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, Irek, was among those killed in the crash.

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Lao Airlines Flight QV301 Crashed, 49 Killed

17 10 2013

Lao Airlines Airplane (Photo: Sydney Morning Herald)

Lao Airlines plane crashed into the Mekong River in the southern city of Pakse, near the border with Thailand, just before 16:00 (ICT) on Wednesday.

Lao Airlines Flight QV301 crashed in the Mekong River, killing all 49 passengers and crews.

The state-run Lao Airlines said in a statement that the plane took off from the capital Vientiane and “ran into extreme bad weather conditions” as it prepared to land at Pakse Airport.

AP reported that 17 of the victims were from Lao, seven from France, five were from Australia five from Thailand, three from Korea, two from Vietnam and one person each from Canada, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and the United States.

The airline said it had yet to determine reasons for the crash of the ATR-72 aircraft which was virtually new and had just been delivered in March. 

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Photos: Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crashed At San Francisco International Airport, 2 died, 305 survive

7 07 2013
Credit to EuniceBirdRah

Credit to EuniceBirdRah

2 died and 305 survive when an Asiana Airlines Flight 214 from Seoul crash-land in San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, July 7, 2013.

The plane which originated from Shanghai crash-land after a 10-plus hour flight from  Incheon International Airport in Seoul to San Francisco after its tail broke of from the plane .

Both passengers who were killed were Chinese passport holders and their bodies were found outside of the aeroplane.

San Francisco fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White said:

“My understanding is that they were found on the runway.”

CNN reported that a fireball erupted after the Boeing 777 airliner hit the runway hard at around 11:30 a.m., rocked back and forth, spun around, sheered off the plane’s tail.

According to Asiana Airlines, 291 passengers and 16 crew members were on the flight.

All 307 have been accounted for.

The 291 passengers included 61 Americans, 77 South Koreans, 141 Chinese and one Japanese.

CNN reported that 182 passengers were taken to hospitals, including 49 passengers who were in ‘serious’ condition.

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Plane Crashes, Explodes In Brazil, Kills 16

14 07 2011

Yesterday at Sao Paulo, Brazil an airplane crashed and exploded shortly after take-off.

The plane was flying to the city of Natal from the city of the Recife in Brazil.

The Air Force said that the plane that crashed was a Noar Airlines’s L-410.

This is a disaster.

The disaster killed all the 16 people on the plane.

According to the accident database of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, which tracks incidents globally, four other accidents involving the same model of plane were reported, all in Latin America and taking place in 2000 and 2001.

44 Killed In Russian Plane Crash

21 06 2011

A RusAir airline  passenger jet crashed in heavy fog and burst into flames late Monday on a highway in northwestern Russia.

44 people were killed while 8 were in critical condition.

The plane crashed on its final approach to the airport in Petrozavodsk, making a crash landing one to two kilometers (about a mile) short of the runway, breaking apart and then bursting into flames.

The runway’s high-intensity lights  which is supposed to be deployed at times of low visibility had failed.

It was unclear if the plane had attempted to land on the road, or just happened to fall there.

Petrozavodsk is in Karelia province, near the Finnish border, about 400 miles (640 kilometers) northwest of Moscow.

This is a disaster and I am very sad and sorry for the victims, their families and friends.

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