Photos – Amazing Macro Images of Insects and Droplets

“My favorite photo is the ladybird covered by dew, which took a lot of work but was worth it for the awards I’ve received.” (Photo: František Dulík/Caters News)

Snapping something spectacular can be tricky in the wet, but these stunning photos are an exception to the rule.

Amateur macro-photographer František Dulík, 35, from Slovakia works as a technical engineer for medical devices when he is not capturing insects.

To get these unique photos of the bright and alien-looking mini beasts, Dulík will get up at 3 a.m. to spend five hours out with his camera over sunrise. (Caters News)

A Peaceful World Without Tumult – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Butterflies flying freely in the air,
Bunnies bouncing here and there,
Trees and plants planted everywhere,
My beautiful garden, my dream world.

Friendly fox resting under a tree,
A baby bird sleeps in its nest,
Little beetle riding on a honey bee,
Living their lives, in peace and harmony.

Colourful flowers painted the scene,
Completed by fruits, hanging from the trees,
Its spring water is crystal clean,
Unpolluted garden, beautiful and serene.

Colours of Nature, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little blue bird,
Flying in clear sky,
To meet a friend,
Far away in Chiengmai.

It stopped on a branch,
Of a tall oak tree,
To enjoy a great view,
Of a glittering blue sea.

It flew off again,
To find it’s old friend,
Over yellow sunflowers,
On green grassland.

Across red flowers it passed,
Above grey mountains it flew,
The many colours of nature,
More than what it knew.

Soon it arrived,
At the beautiful highland,
And gave its friend,
A flower garland.

Photos Of Utah’s Nature-Made Subway

If you want to bring your friends you’ll have to be selective; groups of more than 12 are not allowed. Image by Terra Trekking

Natural wonders are always very amazing and beautiful.

Do you know that there is a nature-made subway in Utah, U.S.A?

I found some wonderful photos of the amazing subway in Grind TV.

The popular cylindrical slot canyon is in Zion National Park, Utah.

Get there early because only 80 permits is given out each day to visit the amazing subway.

Please click here for more photos:

Sparkling Glass Pebbles On Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach is best viewed at low tide, and it is pocketed with tide pools where sea anemones rest among motley-colored pebbles. Photo by Travis Burke
Glass Beach is best viewed at low tide, and it is pocketed with tide pools where sea anemones rest among motley-colored pebbles. Photo by Travis Burke

There is a nice and beautiful beach in Fort Bragg, California, which has lots and lots of pretty and colourful pieces of sea glass sparkling in the sun.

According to Grind TV, Glass Beach in Mendocino County is one of the beaches with most abundant sources of sea glass in the world.

The beach was a public dump until 1960s and in the late 1990s and early 2000s, massive cleanup project were held but glasses and bottles were left behind.

After a long time in the sea and tumbling through the ocean, those bottles and glasses broke into smaller pieces and their sharp edges worn smooth and rounded over time, turning them into something like colourful shining pebbles.

The locals said that the beach used to be covered in a foot of sea glass so smooth you could walk on them with bare feet.

But now there are not as much of the sea glasses on the beach as before because people are collecting them.

Rangers from California State Parks see people taking the smooth, pebble-like glass pieces home in buckets and even in canisters as large as trash cans even though there is a signs that says, “GLASS COLLECTING PROHIBITED”.

I hope I could go there one day before the beautiful sea glass are gone for good and take pictures of them and post them in my blog.

I hope that there is an environmentally friendly, cheap and much faster way for us to turn glasses and bottles that were thrown away everyday into something as beautiful as these sparkling pebbles.

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