Photos: Interstate 5 Bridge Collapsed, 3 Injured

An Interstate 5 bridge over a river collapsed north of Seattle Thursday evening, dumping two vehicles into the water.

An Interstate 5 four-lane bridge over Skagit River, about 55 miles north of Seattle, Washinton collapsed at about 7 p.m. on Thursday evening sending two vehicles were into the chilly water of the river.

Rescue effort by boats and divers saved three injured people and they were taken to the Skagit Valley Hospital and the United General Hospital in Sedro-Woolley.

AP reported that authorities said it appeared nobody was killed.

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NSTB) is still investigating the cause of the disaster.

Anyway State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste said a semi-truck driven southbound struck the bridge just before part of it collapsed.

The freeway is a principal corridor for vehicles between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

The bridge was built in 1955 and the disaster raised concerns about the safety of old bridges in the United States.

In August 2007, a bridge fell into the Mississippi River in Minnesota, killing thirteen people.

AP reported that more than a quarter of Washington’s 7,840 bridges are considered structurally deficient of functionally obsolete.

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My 7th Birthday

Today is my birthday.

I got 35 presents from my parents and big sisters.

I got two sets of ‘Assembly Fun’ – a Helicopter and a Forklift, a set of Hot Wheels track and cars, a blue Hot Wheels Chevrolet, some very beautiful glittering stickers, some nice books, yummy Dunkin’ Donuts cookies, chocolate, a set of paint brushes, a ladybug shaped palette, a ‘glow in the dark’ Crayola crayons set and many more other special presents.

I gave myself a very special birthday present too – a Roselle leaf 🙂

I also received 4 birthday cards.

I think that this is my best birthday ever because I really enjoy playing  with my Hot Wheels and busy trying to build my forklift and helicopter.

We had a Domino’s Pizza birthday party for dinner 😉

I invented a new transport called ‘hictep ler’ :mrgreen:

It is a flying machine.

Metro Train Crash Killed Nine People In Washington

At least nine people were killed in a rush hour train collision between two Metro trains on Monday north of downtown Washington DC.

During rush lots and lots of people want to ride the trains.

DC means District of Columbia.

It was a very bad train accident 😥

It was a disaster.

It happened just before 5 pm on the above ground track on the Red Line near the border with Takoma Park, Maryland.

One train was not moving when the crash happened.

Mayor Adrian Fenty said it was the deadliest crash in the history of Metro.

Metro is Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Chief Dennis Rubin From Washington’s Fire and Emergency Medical Science Department told CNN that 56 had minor injuries, 12 had moderate injuries and 2 were badly injured.

The rescuers cut through the trains to rescue people because one train was on top of the other train.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate why it happened.

I think if I go to the United Nations meeting, I’ll tell people to becareful when riding in trains and aeroplanes.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A rush-hour collision Monday between two Metro trains north of downtown Washington, D.C., killed at least six people and injured scores, Mayor Adrian Fenty said.

One train was stationary when the crash happened, according to Metro General Manager John Catoe.

One train was stationary when the crash happened, according to Metro General Manager John Catoe.

He called it the deadliest crash in the history of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, known as Metro. One of the dead was the female operator of one of the trains, Metro officials said.

“The scene is as horrific as you can imagine,” Fenty said in a news conference. “One car was almost squeezed completely together.”

The crash happened just before 5 p.m. on an above-ground track on the Red Line in the District of Columbia near the border with Takoma Park, Maryland. Watch woman say she, fellow passengers ‘went flying’

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