NaPoWriMo Poem #2: Nice Animals

Cats are cute and cuddly,
As cute as fluffy stuffed toy,
Joe loves to sleep with one,
Then he’ll wake up with joy.

Horses are strong and beautiful,
But don’t think I could ride one,
They’re too tall for me to mount,
And there’s other things to be done.

Lemurs are sweet like squirrels,
And they are so cute and carefree,
Wait, lemur sounds very familiar,
Of course, I’ve seen one on TV!

The world famous lemor, King Julian.
The most famous lemur, King Julien.

NaPoWriMo Poem #1: Tasty Foods

Ice creams are sweet and creamy,

They are so, cold and yummy,

Doughnuts are buttery and tasty,

They are good to fill my tummy


Bread are nice with butter,

Scones are nice with cream,

But never eat them with chilli,

Or they will make you scream.


Pasta are topped with basil,

Pizza are topped with cheese,

Remember to add pepperoni,

But never add the peas.