NaPoWriMo Poem #8: Goodbye London (My version of Black Stone Lying on a White Stone)

Yesterday I just found out that NaPoWriMo gave suggestions for the daily poem. And so today I’ll follow the optional suggestion which is to write our own version of Cesar Vallejo’s Black Stone Lying on a White Stone. So here it is…

I’ll go away from London, on a sunny day,
I am moving to a brighter place today,
I will move to Paris –nobody can stop me–,
I’m moving today, as today is Monday.

I will try my luck in another place,
Over there perhaps I’ll win a race,
With Chaso, the great horse that is mine,
My loyal horse with coat as black as coal.

Yesterday someone tried to kill Chaso,
But I stopped them using my lasso.
Knowing Chaso’s a real great horse,
Because of that, they want it dead.

With my lasso, I will move on,
Together with my horse, and cat named Jon,
Goodbye London, my beautiful homeland…

NaPoWriMo Poem #7: Colourful Nature


Crows are black,
Skies are blue,
Zebras have stripes,
Some live in zoo.

Horses are black,
Or maybe white,
Cats are lovable,
But they can bite.

Leaves are green,
Trunks are brown,
Have you seen a lemur,
Wearing a crown?

The world famous lemor, King Julian.
The world famous lemur, King Julian.

NaPoWriMo Poem #6: A Clown?

I woke up in the morning,
And I stepped on the floor,

I walked to the doorway,
And I opened the door.

I saw my elder sister,
She’s walking down the stairs,
I walked down behind her,
And saw a basket of pears.

I sat down on my chair,
To enjoy my clam chowder,
My sister took my bowl,
And sprinkled some white powder.

I chased my sister, around and around,
She jumped to the sofa and lied down,
She looked at me, as if I’m a clown,
She laughed so hard till she fell down.


NaPoWriMo Poem #5: Bubbles…

A bubble departing from a shampoo bottle.
A bubble departing from a shampoo bottle.

I blew bubbles from a shampoo bottle,
Came my sister and it hit her pocket,
She tried to pop one little bubble,
Three more left and she took a racket.

She swiped the racket to pop the bubbles,
Popped two bubbles and tried at the other,
She jumped and swiped at the very last bubble,
She missed the bubble as she heard a thunder.

She took a paper and rolled it nicely,
She gripped it firmly, aiming the target,
She threw the paper towards the bubble,
It missed the bubble and hit the carpet.

Photo credit to:
Photo credit to:


NaPoWriMo Poem #4: Shivering Cold

It’s cold, cold, shivering cold,
It’s so cold with lots of snow,
Now I need my winter coat,
Out in the snow I wish to go.

It’s cold, cold, shivering cold,
I wish I were a polar bear,
With thick white fur to trap the air,
To keep me warm in open air.

It’s cold, cold, shivering cold,
It’s a good thing that I’m not old,
I’ll be jumping and running around,
Makes me warmer, and not too cold.

Winter in Mount Fuji, December 2013.
Winter in Mount Fuji. This photo was snapped by my father in December 2013.

NaPoWriMo Poem #3: Hot Dry Spell


Hot, hot, the day’s hot and dry,
It’s raining sweat on my back,
It’s just too hot that I can’t bear,
Please, can I use an ice pack?

Hot, hot, everything’s hot and dry,
Ice melts, taps dry, felt like being fried,
Restless, annoyed, covered in sweat,
It’s just too hot to walk outside.

Hot, hot, everything’s hot and dry,
Being a tree is no more breezy,
Standing in the sun is no more easy,
Oh, it could even turn me crazy!

Dry spell in Malaysia had caused lots of forest fire. Green leaves on lots of trees turned brown as in autumn before drying and blown away from the trees. I snapped this photo on our way back from Penang a few weeks ago.

NaPoWriMo Poem #2: Nice Animals

Cats are cute and cuddly,
As cute as fluffy stuffed toy,
Joe loves to sleep with one,
Then he’ll wake up with joy.

Horses are strong and beautiful,
But don’t think I could ride one,
They’re too tall for me to mount,
And there’s other things to be done.

Lemurs are sweet like squirrels,
And they are so cute and carefree,
Wait, lemur sounds very familiar,
Of course, I’ve seen one on TV!

The world famous lemor, King Julian.
The most famous lemur, King Julien.

NaPoWriMo Poem #1: Tasty Foods

Ice creams are sweet and creamy,

They are so, cold and yummy,

Doughnuts are buttery and tasty,

They are good to fill my tummy


Bread are nice with butter,

Scones are nice with cream,

But never eat them with chilli,

Or they will make you scream.


Pasta are topped with basil,

Pizza are topped with cheese,

Remember to add pepperoni,

But never add the peas.