The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 2: Inspect!)

Od Woods

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“Okay, we won’t be too late, sir,” said Pete to Mr. Brown. “So, where should we start?” asked Safora. “The man who lives in the woods, he’s a good friend of father’s. Let’s go and interview him,” Pete suggested. “But wait,” said Mic holding Pete’s sleeves. “Look, the wood did not sink but the trees had been cut down.”

Just then they found footprints and wagon’s trails. Safora kept those pictures of the footprints in her mind since she left her notebook at home. “Now what?” asked Reen. Ask the man? Take a look at the stumps? Check out this nice chainsaw? Look at tha ….” Pete looked at Reen and asked, “A chainsaw? Let’s check it out!” “Worth a try,” said Mic.

They checked the chainsaw, looking for clues but they found  nothing except dust on it. “Perhaps this chainsaw had not been used for a long time. If not it won’t be so dusty and there will be fingerprints on it. But I heard that there are some tricks to cover our fingerprints,” said Mic.  Suddenly, they heard the clattering sound, like what Pete heard that morning. Pete announced, “We’d better continue our investigations tomorrow, it’s too late now and the gardener will be angry if we stay here for too long.”

The next morning, Pete and Safora ran towards the woods to continue their investigations. Meanwhile, Mic and Reen had totally forgotten that they were supposed to meet and go to the woods. Pete wondered where were Mic and Reen. So he ran to Mic’s house and waved his magnifying glass in the direction of Mic’s bedroom window as a signal. Mic was looking out his window and saw Pete in front of his gate, waving the magnifying glass.

Mic rushed outside with his little brother, Reen and they all ran towards the woods. When they reached the woods, Reen stood back just in case someone caught sight of them. Pete found out that the footprints had been brushed away by hands and he got the hand prints he needed. Fortunately, Safora could still remember the footprints. Pete took out his camera that he got for his birthday last month and took  pictures of the hand prints. “There, we’ve got some clues and now we could go home and think of what to do next,” said Pete. 

They all went to Mic’s house to discuss about the hand prints that they just saw and the footprints that Safora drew in her notebook as soon as she reached home last night.

To be continued …

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The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 1: The Discovery)

Od WoodsWhen Pete was about to go to sleep, he heard a man crying outside. He wondered what it was. He got up from his bed and he took a peek outside. Everything seemed normal, maybe it was just somebody crying in the woods. He took a look at the woods again and saw that something was not right. The trees looked as if they had sunk into the ground. Then he remembered the clattering sound that he heard from the woods that morning.

“Safora! Come here, please,” called Pete. Safora was his sister. “Anything weird out there?” asked Safora. “You see, I’m kind of sleepy. So, how about talking about it tomorrow,” said Safora as she went back to sleep.

Pete sighed and continued looking outside. “I’m going up, I mean I’m going out there to have a look at the woods,” said Pete while he put on his jacket. “Something is wrong, the woods is sinking.” “I’ll come along then,’ said Safora as she got up from her bed. “I’m not going to let you go outside all alone. But please ask for permission from Mum first, Pete.”

“Mum, can Safora and I go upside, I mean outside to take a look at something for a while, please?” asked Pete. “Alright,” said his mother. “Just  don’t do weird things out there and do not stay out there for too long.” Pete and Safora went out to inspect the woods. “Hi Mic, what are you doing here?” asked Pete and looking at Reen he said, “And Reen, you are much taller!” Mic and Reen were their neighbours but they had not seen each other for months. “What do you mean by upside, do you mean outside?” asked Reen. Pete sighed “Yes, I always make that mistake.” “I heard a man shouting in the woods and I could not sleep,” said Mic. “Well, did you notice that the woods look kind of weird? The whole woods seems lower as if the trees had sunk into the ground. So, I came upside to inspect it,” said Pete. 

“Don’t waste your time, everyone. We must find out what’s happening over there,” said Safora. So off they went to the woods. Just before they reached there, “Stop!” shouted someone while putting his hand in front of the children. It was Mr. Brown the gardener. “What are you children doing out here?” he asked. Pete answered, “Were just going for a tour in the woods and ….” Mic give Pete a nudge and said, “What he meant was we’re inspecting what is wrong with the woods. It looks weird. That’s all.” Mr. Brown said, “Fine, you can take a look at the forest but don’t be up too late because it’s already time to sleep and it could be dangerous out there.”

To be continued …

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A Man Named Jalil, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Chapter 3)

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Jalil rushed to his office to attend the conference. He parked his car and ran into his office. When he reached the conference room, he found out that nobody was there yet. He was very proud to be the first person to arrive for the conference. So he setup the projector and get things ready  for his important presentation.

Soon more people came into the conference room. People looked at him as if something was wrong with him. Jalil looked at himself and realised that he accidentally wear a tuxedo instead of a jacket! No wonder people were looking at him.

After the conference, they had a business meeting. They discussed about ways to look for new costumers and to attract more people to buy their goods. Jalil said to his boss, “I think that we should also try to attract the kids,” he said. “We should use glitters and colourful lights at the kids department of our stores. That will attract more kids’. His boss looked at him and said, “Wonderful! What a great idea! Ten dollars for you, Jamil.” Jalil cleared his throat and said, ‘I am Jalil, boss, not Jamil’.

At home, Jalil looked at the ten dollars note that he received from his boss. Then, “MREEEEOW!” He looked outside and saw his cat fighting with his horse. The cat ran inside the house followed by a few chickens in a parade. Jalil was stunned, “A cat fighting with a horse? It must be the effect of the wrong food that I fed them this morning,” Jalil said to himself.

Jalil chased the cat. The cat ran into his library and jumped onto his armchair. Jalil leaped towards the armchair to catch the cat but he accidentally knocked down the armchair and fell down on the floor together with the armchair. He could not catch the cat because it had already jumped up onto the ceiling fan! The cat looked at Jalil and the armchair and it went up the stairs to Jalil’s bedroom followed by the chickens in a parade with Jalil at the back of the line chasing after them.

Soon the chase was over. Jalil managed to catch the cat and chased away the animals from his house. He locked the door and looked at the mess that they had caused. Outside his house the cats and the horses and the chickens had stopped fighting. Jalil was too tired to clean up the mess, so he walked to the library and sat down to read his book, ‘Darry Doment’ again hopping that for once he can enjoy his book in peace and quiet.

~The End~

A Man Named Jalil, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Chapter 2)

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After feeding the animals Jalil went upstairs to his bathroom to take a bath. And then he went down to the kitchen to drink coffee. He went straight to the fridge and took out a bottle and pour it into his mug. He almost drink it when he saw something that puzzled him. His coffee is white instead of black! He looked at his mug and wonder what had happened to his coffee. Then he realised that it was milk and not coffee!

So Jalil walked to his kitchen cabinet and take out his coffee powder. He opened the container and … “Oh dear, I have no more coffee,” sighed Jalil. He walked out of his kitchen to his front door to go out to buy coffee at a nearby store. He opened the door when his phone rang. He answered the phone and the caller said, ” Hi! I am Kamal. Can I come over for lunch, please?” Jalil answered, “Sure, Kamal”.

It was already 12 o’clock, Jalil went up and down the stairs looking for his phone. He found it at the same time when his friend, Kamal arrived. “Kamal!” exclaimed Jalil excitedly. “You’re even taller than I remembered”. 

They ate tasty cheese pizza and delicious lasagna, and drank coffee that Jalil had just bought from the nearby store. They were very happy to see each other for they had not met for a long, long time. Kamal was amazed when Jalil told him how well did the horses, the chickens and the cats ate after he accidentally fed the wrong food to the wrong animals.

After Kamal left, Jalil went to his library to read his book again. He read out loud so that he could remember where he was. “Chapter 4: The Dinner,” he read. “After th…” “RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG,” It was the alarm clock again. It was so loud and noisy but Jalil went on reading. Then he remembered that he must attend an important conference at 2 o’clock. He immediately ran upstairs and turned off the alarm. He took out a black tuxedo and ran to his cupboard to take out a white shirt.

To be continued…

A Man Named Jalil, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

Down the stairs Jalil went and he stopped when the alarm rang. “RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG,” the alarm clock went on ringing.

It was time for Jalil to go to work. He rushed downstairs and saw his cat scratching and pulling out the fiber of his carpet. He opened the front door and off he went to his office.

On the way, he stopped at the nearest carpet shop which was next to his office and bought a new white carpet. He put it on the backseat of his car and off he ran to his office.

He opened the door of his office and wondered why it was so dark inside the office. Then he realised that the lights were off. So he switched on the lights and went on to his room. His room was filled with papers all around for he was too busy to clean up the mess.

After getting his job done, he went home. He put the ruined carpet away and cleaned up the bits of fiber that were pulled out from his old carpet by his cat. Then he went to his car and…, “WHAT!” he exclaimed. His new white carpet had turned brown! Jalil scratched his head in astonishment at what he saw. “Had the carpet turned brown because of the bright sunlight?” Jalil asked aloud. He asked himself about what had happened to his new carpet all night but could not find a logical answer.

So the next day he bought an even more expensive new white carpet. He took it home as fast as he could and laid it down in his living room. After it was all done, he went to his bookshelves in his library to look for the book which he had just bought entitled, ‘Darry Doment’.

He was at chapter 3 when he suddenly forgot where he was. So he started reading the book all over again from the beginning of chapter one. “Down the stairs, Darry went,” he read out loud. “And stopped when a boy called, “12 o’clock, 12 o’clock, time to go to the film making stud…” “RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG”,  his alarm clock rang again. “Huh, how can I ever finish reading this book … ” Jalil sighed. He walked to his alarm clock and turned off the alarm. “Oh, now it is time to sleep,” Jalil told himself. He laid down on his bed and fall asleep.

“RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG”, his clock rang again. But now it was not the time to go to the office or the time to sleep. But it’s time to feed the horses, the chickens and the cats! So he opened his kitchen door and walked out to his backyard. He took out the chicken feed to feed the horses, fed the cats with the horse feed and fed the cat food to the chickens. When he was all done, suddenly he realised that he had accidentally fed the wrong food to the wrong animals. But the animals ate very well and in fact even better than they had ever eaten before.

To be continued… ➡ please click here Chapter 2

A Young Man Named Solatro

There was a young man named Solatro who loves to play football.

One day Solatro went to a football team’s office named Shartadrol.

Shartadrol’s office.

He went in and asked the manager, “Can I join this team and play for the Almador Cup?”

He trained very hard and became a very good football player.

At last Shartadrol’s coach told Solatro, “Now you may join us.”

Solatro was very happy that he could join the team.

During the Almador Cup final match when Shartadrol played against Hanianon, Solatro played very well and he scored two goals.

Solatro scored two goals against Hanianon.

But suddenly, Hanianon’s Jamlil pushed Solatro down and Solatro was badly injured.

The referee gave Jamlil a red card and a penalty kick for Shartadrol.

Hanianon’s Jamlil pushed Solatro down during the match.

Shartadrol’s stiker, Lalakort kicked the ball and scored a goal.

And when the game was over Shartadrol won 3-0.

Anyway Solatro had to retire from playing football because of his injuries.

He was very sad but he would not want to sit and cry about it.

He decided to start a business .

Solatro worked very hard and at last he became a very successful businessman.  

The End

The moral of the story is, work hard in everything we do, do not give up and keep on trying.

The Bird and His New Homes

Once upon a time, there was a pink and blue bird named Branon. Branon lived on a beautiful, medium sized apple tree by a stream.

Branon is sitting in his nest on the beautiful apple tree by a stream.

One day, Branon made a decision to move to another tree because he felt that the apple tree was not a good home anymore. So the next day, he woke up at 7 o’clock and pack up all his things.

Branon then moved to a small orange tree. He was very excited about his new home. But after a week, Branon didn’t like the orange tree anymore because he felt that it was too small.

Branon is moving to a new home on a small orange tree.

So he moved to another tree, this time a huge peach tree. But it was too big for him so he decided to look for a better home. Branon thought about it all night and at last he decided to move back to his apple tree.

Branon’s third home is on a huge peach tree.

At last Branon lived happily on his beautiful apple tree and realised that it was the best home for him.

The End.

The moral of the story is, we have to be thankful and appreciate what we have and do not trade it with another that seems better unless if we really know that the new thing is really better for us. 

Please remember that, ‘all that glitters is not gold’.

It’s Rescue Time!

Once upon a time there was a hand named Handy. One day Handy went for a walk through the woods. While he was walking Handy sang the song “Handy and Sis Cha Ma”.

As he crossed a bridge towards the Green Grass field, he saw an orange fox jumping over a brown dog. Suddenly the orange fox fell on top of Handy and ran quickly across the bridge toward the woods.

The orange fox jumped over the brown fox and was about to fall onto Handy who was crossing the bridge from the woods.

Handy fell into the river but luckily he could swim. He swam and climbed up back onto the bridge. Handy was really surprised by the incident that he accidentally sang, “Mr. Handy and Sis Ma” instead of “Handy and Sis Cha Ma”.

When he reached home, he told the story to his brothers, Left and Right and his sister Sis. At that moment, Right was in his black car. When he heard the story, Right started to laugh out loudly. He could not stop laughing because he thought that it was very funny. As he was laughing, he accidentally push the Autodrive Button to Amcorp Mall.

Right accidentally push the Autodrive Button.

He was too panicked that he couldn’t even stop the Autodrive. Left saw what happened and he knew that he had to do something to help his brother. “This looks like a job for MBH”, said Left.

The MBH logo.

So the MBH went into their helicopter and flew toward Amcorp Mall to save Right . As they flew on top of Right’s car, Left tried to jump down onto Right’s car.

At that moment suddenly came two thousands bicycles racing beside Right’s car. Left cannot get inside the car because of the bicycles so Handy put out his wings and flew into the car. He stopped the Autodrive and saved Right.

As they were saving Right, Sis was pulled out from the car by the racers and they took her away with them. It happened too fast that the MBH could not do anything to stop the racers.

So together with Right, the MBH flew to save Sis.

To be continued.

The Calovinia – A Book By Ahmad Ali Karim

This is the front cover of 'The Calovinia'. I designed the cover my self. Ahmad Ali JetPlane Books is a subsidiary of one of my imaginary companies, Ahmad Ali JetPlane group.

I love writing stories. I wrote my first story, entitled ‘The Pink Elephant’ when I was about 3 years old. It was actually a really, really short story 🙂 And on my ninth birthday (February 13, 2012), I finished writing my first storybook! The book has 26 chapters with about 5100 words. My mother and my big sister Aiman Amani love my book and said that it is fun, funny and really amazing. 

I am very, very, very happy and excited when my father printed a few copies of the book 🙂 I gave the first copy to Pak Cik Amin and Ummi Yati. I am very happy because Pak Cik Amin, Abang Aiman and Abang Hatim like the way I wrote the story. I wish I can print this book in a real story book format and sell it like Uncle Awang Goneng :mrgreen:

Below is the first chapter of my book:


   Once upon a time, there was a nice beautiful place called Calovinia. But one day, Brotosh armies attacked the place and destroyed some of the beautiful buildings.

   The next day, the Calovinians make an alliance meeting with the Brotosh and the Brotosh became allies. Sir Adhavadejonge of Calovininia told the Brotosh not to let the Arguays know about the agreement. But unfortunately the Arguays had already heard about it.

   The Arguays rushed in to the Calovinian castle and attacked them using some magical swords and arrows. Sir Ali ordered his griffins to attack the Arguays. The griffins blew big blue fire from their mouth but the Arhuays managed to steal the special dagger from the Calovinian treasure box and put it into their own treasure box before taking it away.

   After the Arguays had gone, Sir Ali’s friend named Jolly said,”I want to get out dagger back from the Arguays all by myself”. Sir Ali said,”I don’t think that’s a good idea, Jolly”. Sir Adhavadejonge added,”You will be captured if you go there all alone”.

   Then Sir Layon of Calovinia took out his sword belt. The sword belt was a special belt where there would always be a new sword whenever it’s owner put it’s hand into the bet’s pocket. Sir Layon said,” No one should bring their own sword because the Arguays will steal your swords just like they stole our special dagger. I have enough swords for all of us

The back cover of 'The Calovinia'.

The Adventure of Hanianon (Episode 4 The Hard Day Part 2)

Written And Illustrated By: Ahmad Ali

 (Please click here for Episode Three.)

   By the time Kalapaga was defeated by the Jupron, Calovinia was attacked by Pompipom. The castle was destroyed and both the prince and the king were killed. Only 21 people survived the attack. 

   In Calovinia, if both the prince and king were dead, all the Uanufs will become knights and there will be no king until one of them does something really great for the country. So, Uanuf Ali became a knight and known as Sir Ali. Sir Hanianon adopted him and took care of him.

   The next day, Sir Ali found an artifact. He took it to Sir Hanianon and asked him what was it. Sir Hanianon gasps when he saw the artifact. It was the great Legendary Muffin! Sir Hanianon took the Legendary Muffin to the Relosolt Orsest forest and put it in a magical bowl.

   Back at the castle, Sir Ali saw an Arguay and a Brotosh army attacked one of the knights of Calovinia. He realised that the Arguays and the Brotosh had betrayed them. He told the knights about it and told them to be careful.

The Relosolt Orsest forest. 

   “If only we can change the tree’s green leaves to grey, we can easily hide in the leaves without being seen by our enemies,” said Sir Burma. Sir Ali answered, “Well my brother, a leopard can’t change its spots”. All of the sudden, Sir Burma said, “I think I should attack King Antire of Jupron.” Sir Ali looked at him saying, “Well, better look before you leap, or you might get into trouble.”

   Sir Burma turned to the knights of Calovinia and said loudly, “Birds of a feather flock together! So, to battle we go!” And off the went to Jupron to attack King Antire. The Jupron armies were very strong and they almost defeated the Calovinian.  Suddenly the Alustaqims reached the battlefield and with their help, the Calovinians defeated the Jupron.

   King Antire was very angry and  he shouted, “I’ll wi…” But before he could finish his sentence, Sir Hanianon went in and said, “Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. We won’t kill you and we’ll be giving you something precious but only if you’ll become our ally. King Antire had no choice but to agree with the offer. Anyway, his people did not agree with the agreement.

   Sir Hanianon then gave the king three diamonds and two hundred gold coins. King Antire was not happy because he wanted something more precious but Sir Ali said, “Well, beggars cannot be choosers and be happy with what you have.”

To be continued.