Bubur Arab So Yummy

On Sunday my mother cooked bubur Arab for iftar.

I love bubur Arab very much.

In English bubur Arab means Arabian  porridge.

My mother first ate the porridge in Makkah or Mecca.

Makkah is in Saudi Arabia.

We need to put:

  1. Mutton

  2. Spices

  3. Rice

  4. Water

  5. Milk

  6. Onion

  7. Garlic

  8. Ginger

  9. Celery

The mutton must be soft and tasty.

I eat the porridge with fresh tomato and onion.

We can also add some Arabian salsa but I think the salsa is too hot.

When I eat Bubur Arab I’ll say:


I think there will be a bubur lambuk Arab one day.

Seminar Isu-isu Semasa Tamadun Umat Di Malaysia


I went to the Seminar Isu-Isu Semasa Tamadun Umat Di Malaysia at the University Malaya on the 7th February 2009.

I helped Emeritus Professor Datuk Osman Bakar to play his PowerPoint presentation.


Emeritus Professor Datuk Osman Bakar is my father’s friend.

I met many Abangs and Kakaks – some took photos with me.

This Abang Fitri wrote about me after he met me at the seminar.

I ate mutton for lunch.

The mutton is very, very, very, very, very, very, very tasty.

I enjoyed myself  very much.

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