Jamming With Uncle Fauzan

On Dec 26, 2010 I went to Uncle Fauzan‘s house for dinner.

Uncle Fauzan is a pilot and a good friend of my father.

He has a set of drums, some keyboards, some guitars and other musical instruments.

Uncle Fauzan can play all kinds of musical instruments.

I like to play the drum and my big sister Kaman played the keyboard.

Uncle Fauzan taught me how to play the drum.

We have to use our hands and feet at the same time to play the drum.

It was really fun 🙂

Uncle Fauzan cooked us a ‘sour and spicy’ fish dish named Melaka asam pedas.

It was very tasty.

The barbecued fish and prawns were very tasty too.

Before we went home, Kaman sang the Cuban song, ‘Guantánamera’ while Uncle Fauzan played the guitar.

We also watched a football match, 2010 Suzuki Cup – Malaysia VS Indonesia on TV.

I really enjoyed myself and I would like to visit Uncle Fauzan and Abang Arif again.

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