Photos Of The Ruins of Normandy

War is bad and it hurts a lot of people.
People, animals and plants were killed and injured, buildings were destroyed and damaged to rubble and dust.
And it will take a long, long time and lots of money to build up the place again.
The ruins left behind after warfare speak a language of their own.
And no matter where the conflict has taken place, the destruction is very often the same.
All we see are sad pictures of destroyed buildings and twisted, rusting, abandoned vehicles.
Please look at these pictures, do we want all these to happen to the beautiful places where we live?
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World’s Most Expensive Motor-home

World’s most expensive motor-home had been on sale in Dubai.

It is like a private jet on wheels with master bedroom and all other luxury things.

It also has a ‘Sky Lounge’ at the top of the motor-home where you can sit on the sofa and enjoy the view around you.

Motor-home is a very interesting vehicle to travel in, where we could travel anywhere feeling like we are at home.

And this luxury motor-home is even more interesting …

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Chillout Cafe: Dubai’s First Ice Lounge


A toddler sits in his stroller while his parents tour the insides of the Chillout cafe in Dubai May 12, 2013. Chillout, owned by UAE’s Sharaf Group, is the first ice lounge in the Middle East, with temperatures set at -6 degrees Celsius (21 degrees Farenheit). The cafe, with its illuminated interiors, curtains, paintings and seating arrangements, is all made of carved ice and frozen sculptures. Picture taken May 12, 2013. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Tags: SOCIETY

There is a nice restaurant made of ice in Dubai called Dubai’s Chillout Cafe, which is the first “ice lounge” in the Middle East.

Even the chairs, tables and curtains in the restaurant are carved from ice.

It is -6 degree celsius in there and before you get in, you must wear thick and fluffy winter jackets.

I do hope that I could visit the restaurant 🙂

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