Perang Anwar-Azmin – Siapa Terpaksa Undur?

Pergolakan parti PKR, kian memuncak di mana pemimpin-pemimpin parti tersebut tidak lagi segan untuk membuat berbagai kenyataan terbuka tentang perkara itu.

Saya tidak berminat untuk mengulas isu ini, sehinggalah saya terbaca kenyataan Timbalan Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali yang meminta YB Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim supaya, “look at the man in the mirror” atau “melihat ke dalam cermin,” seperti yang dilaporkan pelbagai media utama; serta ditambah pula oleh kenyataan bersama oleh 28 orang ahli MPP dan Ahli Parlimen PKR hari ini yang bertajuk, “Hentikan Usaha Memecahbelahkan Parti”.

“Baca gerak bibir saya. Beritahu dia (Anwar), dia patut lihat dirinya dalam cermin”. “Muhasabah. Suruh Anwar untuk muhasabah. Tolong lihat dirinya sendiri,” katanya kepada pemberita di lobi Parlimen di sini hari ini.

Utusan Online (Cermin muka dia dulu – Azmin)

“Read my lips … Tell him he must look at the man in the mirror,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby on Wednesday (July 17). Asked to explain his comments, Azmin said: “Ask Anwar to reflect on his own actions (muhasabah).”

The Star Online (Azmin to Anwar: Look at the man in the mirror)

Pemerhati politik telah memberi berbagai komen dan analisa tentang perkara ini, dan seperti mereka, kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia, tidak kira daripada parti mana pun sedang memerhatikan apa yang sedang berlaku.

Setakat ini nampaknya pemimpin DAP kurang bersuara mengenai perkara ini, namun mereka juga dihimpit masalah contohnya laporan polis ke atas exco Perak, Paul Yong Choo Kiong yang dikatakan juga telah mengaitkan kerajaan Indonesia.

Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya merasa perkara ini agak meresahkan, kerana mereka yang terbabit adalah daripada parti pemerintah yang sepatutnya fokus kepada isu membina negara bangsa ke arah yang lebih gemilang.

Semoga pemimpin tertinggi kerajaan dapat mencari penyelesaian yang terbaik untuk menangani masalah ini demi memastikan kebajikan rakyat terbela.

Bak kata pepatah, tukang tidak membuang kayu.

Kenyataan Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali , “look at the man in the mirror” mengingatkan saya kepada lagu dengan tajuk yang hampir sama nyanyian penyanyi terkenal, Micheal Jackson, ‘Man In The Mirror’.

Human-Made Disaster; People Were Killed Everywhere-Photos

People killed other people all over the world.

They use violence as a vehicle to get what they want.

This is a disaster.

We should stop hurting each other and stop destroying our Earth.

We should also stop cutting down trees and use them as weapons in fighting.

Listen to Micheal Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ and let us try to heal the world.

These are some of the latest violence in today’s Yahoo News.

The photos are also from Yahoo News.


Lots and lots of people were killed in Mexican drug war.

Three people were killed in a car bomb by drug seller this week.

Car bomb exploded in Mexico.

Drug gang used car bomb to attack police.

COMMERCE-CA-JULY 12, 2010: Bundles of marijuana extracted from a rail car are laid alongside tracks at part of the Union Pacific rail yard in the City of Commerce on Monday, July 12, 2010. (Christina House / POOL PHOTO)

The remains of a vehicle are cordoned off in a street in the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Friday July 16, 2010. Mexican investigators ran forensic tests to determine whether drug gangs used a car bomb in an attack on police patrol trucks that killed two officers and wounded nine people on Thursday. A car bomb would mark an unprecedented escalation of Mexico's drug war and confirm long-standing fears that the cartels are turning to explosives in their fight against security forces. (AP Photo)


A lot of people were killed in bomb attacks  and by guns all over Pakistan.

On Saturday 18 passengers were killed in northeastern Pakistan.

Family members a person injured by a bomb blast, bring him at a local hospital in Pakistani tribal of area of Jamrud, Friday, July 16, 2010. A powerful bomb blast ripped through a busy market in an area along the Afghan border Friday, killing at least many people and wounding 15 others, a Pakistani official said.(AP photo/Qazi Rauf)

Pakistani hospital staff attend a person injured by a bomb blast, at a local hospital in Pakistani tribal of area of Jamrud, Friday, July 16, 2010. A powerful bomb blast ripped through a busy market in an area along the Afghan border Friday, killing at least many people and wounding 15 others, a Pakistani official said.(AP photo/Qazi Rauf)

Violence in Pakistan.

Can we stop hurting each other?

A boy injured in a hospital in Pakistan.


28 people were killed in a hotel fire in Iraq’s Kurdish region.

The fire was at the ‘Hotel Soma’.

Some hotel guests jumped out from upper floors to save themselves.

More human-made disaster in Iraq.

Hotel Soma.

Fire in Hotel Soma.

Firemen trying to stop the fire

A view of fire damage at Soma Hotel in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniya, 260 km (162 miles) northeast of Baghdad July 16, 2010. The fire, possibly triggered by a gas leak, killed 30 people, including foreigners, and injured at least 22 others, police said on Friday. REUTERS/Sherko Raouf

Please stop destroying our Earth.

My Digital Drawings

I use Microsoft Paint on Windows 7 to draw these pictures:


Modern Art - Imation. 'Imation' is just a word that I created as the title for this picture.

An Angry Lady

'No Table Allowed' Sign

Michael Jackson

Food On The Table

Chinese Lady

Boy Illusion. If you cover the two black dots you will see a smiley face. If you cover the two white dots you will see a smiley face.

'Hand' Pointer Symbols

Michael Jackson’s Earth Song

The ‘Earth Song’ is about the bad things some people did to the Earth.

I love the song very much because it tells us to stop destroying our Earth.

People cut down trees, killed wild animals, start forest fire and war.

The video clip shows in the rain forest of Amazon, South America people are cutting down trees.

The rain forest was beautiful before they cut down trees.

But after people cut down the trees there is no more beautiful green trees.

The video clip also shows the war in Croatia.

I can see houses that were destroyed by bomb and no green trees.

The place was so green and beautiful before the war.

Now there are war in Palestine and Afghanistan.

I saw dead elephant in Tanzania, Africa.

People killed the elephants because they want the elephants’ tasks.

Other wild animals such as zebra, giraffes, sea lions and dolphins are also in danger.

Forest fire burn the trees, animals and humans.

In the video clip Micheal Jackson was not burnt because it was not a real forest fire 🙂

We have to save our Earth from disasters.

Michael Jackson singing ‘Earth Song’

We have to stop the war, stop the fire, stop killing wild animals and stop cutting down the trees.

Bulldozer cutting down the trees

We have to save the Earth.

I think I will write a song entitled ‘Stop Destroying Our Earth’.

LKL WEB EXCLUSIVE: Jermaine Jackson On His New Mission!

Jermaine Jackson is Michael Jackson’s big brother.

He is a Muslim.

I guess he loves his brother very much.

I love to watch Michael Jackson’s singing & dancing

I love to listen to his songs too especially the ones that tell us to save the world as ‘Heal The World’.

I don’t want to see the world destroyed because people attack each other and start a war.

War is a disaster.

I am sad about the war in Palestine.

Note: Jermaine Jackson will be Larry’s exclusive guest Friday night.

The tragedy of my brother’s death is still with me.  But in his death, I have found a mission for my life.  My existence is now dedicated to spreading Michael’s message.  Michael had a unique place in the world.  He not only did good, but taught others how to do the same.  This only magnifies his loss to the world.

Michael-Jermaine-JacksonI want to make people aware of the humanitarian side of Michael.  I want to show them how his true emphasis wasn’t music, or performing; it was improving the world.  Understand this, and you begin to understand the essence of who my brother was.

Michael wanted to help people see the problems that are destroying our world.   That’s what he was about, and what HIS upcoming shows were about.  He was trying to teach through his lyrics, video and performance.  He wanted to use every part of himself to show us what we are capable of becoming.  His goal was to demonstrate to people that if we all just try to make world a better place, it will be.

Michael did charity work all his life – since we first started performing as the Jackson 5.   He quickly learned talent alone means nothing – it’s what you do with it that really matters.  What are you doing to make things better for other people?  In grasping this, Michael found his purpose:  Entertain and educate at the same time.

Michael grew to understand why the world is in the state it is.  He would ask “Why?” but not get trapped in trying to find reasons for each and every problem.  His aim was finding solutions.  His message was about solutions.  Michael’s day-to-day thought process was: “How do I make the world a better place?”   He dedicated his existence to responding to this question, and to giving a voice to those who can’t speak out for themselves.

Man in the Mirror, We are the World, Will You Be There
– all these songs put forward a simple but powerful message: If someone is hungry, give them food, but also help them become self-sufficient.  Michael taught us that when you do good, you start with the individual, then move onto a family, a neighborhood, a village, a nation.

Michael always looked for the good in people, but he also wanted people to understand him, and what he was here for.  This made the ridicule he endured so much harder to bear.  How can someone who gave so much, be the subject of so much hate?  Why is it, the more blessed we are, the tougher our times are destined to be?

My brother wasn’t a threat to anyone.  He was at peace, and his peaceful state was a blessing from God.  Michael was given the rare talent to entertain, sing and perform.  But the true blessing God gave him was the ability to use his talents to do good for others.  Michael’s songs inspired us to do better.  That was his true gift.

We still feel Michael’s loss.  But what will happen as time passes? What will happen to Michael’s real purpose for being?  Who can carry on Michael’s work selflessly, without ulterior motive?  Nations and governments are capable of good deeds, but those good deeds are too often done to exert control over others.  Michael never wanted to control anybody, he only wanted to spread happiness and joy.

Michael supported over 30 different charities.  Most people, even the most generous, focus their efforts on just a handful.  But Michael was different.  He would personally check every charity he supported.  He’d examine their track records make sure they did what they said they would do.

Michael’s generosity extended beyond the charities he supported.  When a girl needed a liver transplant and no one wanted to pay for it, Michael took care of it.  No fanfare, no publicity.  There are so many cases like this!  Many of them, I myself, am just beginning to learn about.

Every time Michael traveled to another country, he would devote time to visiting hospitals, orphanages, cancer patients.  That was his calling.  In every corner of the globe, this was his routine.  The world needs to know this is who he was.  Because while there were always cameras following him, the media didn’t tell the story of his caring and compassion.  They only wanted to sensationalize him.

Michael didn’t care if we knew everything he did for people, because God knows.  God knows his intentions, and knows the results.  I know my brother is in a very secure, serene, peaceful place.  When we live on earth, we are judged not only by who we are, but also by what we do for others.  When we leave, we take the good and bad deeds with us.  Michael took nothing but  good deeds with him.

Michael and I were raised to believe there is a Supreme Being.  Having success told us God had a plan for us.  Michael used his success in a positive way.  He knew that it’s not what you get from others, it’s what you do for others.  We all achieve things in life, but the greatest achievement is doing God’s work.  Michael was a man of God because he was doing His work. Eternal life is the ultimate reward from God – and Michael has eternal life

A Program About The Writing Mind With Awang Goneng

On the 12th August 2009 I went to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to attend Awang Goneng‘s workshop about writing.

AG - workshop

Awang Goneng‘s real name is Wan Ahmad Hulaimi bin Mohd Ali.

Uncle  Hulaimi taught us a breathing exercise.

First we stand  up, then take a deep breath and then shake our hands like Michael Jackson.

I also learnt about palindrome.

Palindrome is something  that sounds the same if we read it from the right or the left.

For example, ‘Madam, I’m Adam‘.

But I forgot to ask Uncle Hulaimi if ‘masam’ is a palindrome.

‘Masam’ means sour.

Uncle Hulaimi said that we must  always use a dictionary.

Uncle Hulaimi wrote my name as Mohd Ali but my name is Ahmad Ali 🙂


I think it was because his father’s name  was Mohd Ali.

I enjoyed myself  very much and I am very happy to meet Uncle Hulaimi again.

We sold lots and lots of AG‘s book,’Growing Up In Terenganu‘or ‘GUIT‘ at Alam Akademik Sdn Bhd in Kuala Terengganu.

Pirates release Malaysian tugboat after seven months

    (CNN) — Somali pirates have released a Malaysian tugboat and 11 crew members after holding them for more than seven months, an international business group reported Monday.

    The tug taken by pirates on December 16 has been released and is en route to a “safe location,” according to ICC Commercial Crime Services — the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce.

    The ICC said it will not release additional information until the boat and crew have reached their destination and are out of harm’s way.

    It was unclear whether a ransom had been paid and it was not immediately known when the ship was released.

    The waters off Somalia are rife with pirate activity, despite increased measures by military forces and shipping companies to ward off attacks.

    Heavily armed pirates have struck the busy Indian Ocean shipping lanes and the Gulf of Aden, which connects the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.

    They have captured dozens of vessels and hundreds of hostages, making off with millions of dollars in ransom money.

    Pirates attack people in the seas and oceans.

    I think there are too much crime in the world now.

    If I can go to the United Nations, I’ll tell all the people to stop the crimes and wars and ‘make the world a better place’ like what Michael Jackson sang in his song,’Heal The World’.

    Crime and war are disaster.

    Somalia Pirate Ship
    Somalia Pirate Ship