Incredible Dew Drops Photos By Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

These are incredible photos of dew drops by an Italian photographer, Alberto Ghizzi Panizza who specializes in macro images.

Using the macro photography technic, Alberto Ghizzi Panizza took  stunning pictures of miniscule drops of dew on flowers.

Cool Photos Of Bugs By Boris Godfroid

Butterflies (Marco Photography by Boris Godfroid)
Butterflies (Marco Photography by Boris Godfroid)

Belgian photographer, Boris Godfroid is a very talented photographer who had recently graduated from a film school.

He started shooting macro photography in 2008.

Macro photography is an extreme close up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size of the subject.

I guess Boris Godfroid chooses bugs as his subject because he likes bugs and knows a lot about them since he was a biology student.

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