The Mystery Of The Missing Door (Chapter 11: The Tall Man)

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Mr. Luke went inside and brought out a big plate of cookies and a pot of tea.

“Mic, Reen, come and eat these tasty cookies while I call the police. I bought them in London for both of you,” said Mr. Luke.

Reen took a big bite and just as he was about to say something, the police chief arrived followed by six policemen.

“Hello, sir,” said Mr. Luke. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” said the police chief. “It’s someone else who did something wrong. We are here to make sure that your doors won’t be stolen.”

“Well, it’s too late, sir. My beautiful front door is already stolen! In fact I was about to go inside and call the police regarding this matter,” said Mr. Luke.

“When did you find out that your door is stolen and did you see anybody suspicious before it happened?” asked the police chief.

“Mic and Reen came here just now to have tea with me and that was when we found out that my front door is gone. By the way, I did not hear anything or see anybody suspicious, sir. Please, I really hope that you can help me to get my door back.”

Mic saw some footprints and took out his notebook to compare them with the ones that they saw at Miss Nyla’s house. And as he had expected, they were the same.

Then he saw something that looked like a piece of purple cloth sticking out from the bushes. He tried to pull it but it was stuck.  Mic pulled harder and harder until suddenly it pulled him back towards the bushes. Then the bushes shook and Mic saw something green and purple crawling under the bushes.

“There is something green and purple crawling under the bushes!” shouted Mic.

Everybody was surprised and Reen who was enjoying his third cookie, was almost choked in surprised. 

At that moment, a man jumped out from the bushes and pushed Mic to the ground before he ran away. The man jumped over the fence, and ran towards Miss Hong’s house.

“Go after him!” shouted a police chief to his men.

Mic picked himself up and ran to take a piece of cookie before he ran to Miss Hong’s house.

Suddenly, Pete who came running from the opposite side ran into the suspect. They collided and both of them fell to the ground with the tall man on top of Pete.

“Pete! Are you all right?” shouted Mic as the policemen ran to catch the suspect. 

The suspect got up, pushed a policeman to the ground and tried to run away. Four other  policemen surrounded the suspect and caught him. The suspect was a tall and a very strong man, but the four policemen were too strong for him. The suspect was handcuffed and taken to the police car.

Mic helped Pete up and they both ran to Miss Hong’s house followed Reen who first took a few pieces of cookies before running after Mic and Pete. On the way there, they met Safora.

>>>  To Be Continued  <<<

The Mystery Of The Missing Door (Chapter 10: Door And More Doors)

Mic was about to run towards the house to look for Pete and Reen. Safora pulled his shirt to stop him from running to the house.

“Mic, please stay. I am worried about Pete and Reen too, but we must trust the police. It could be dangerous if we just rush into the house,” said Safora.

It was just as if they were watching an action movie as they watched some policemen handcuffed the gang members and took them to the police cars. Then suddenly they heard the police sirens and saw more police cars coming to the house. The policemen rushed out from the police cars and ran into the house.

Meanwhile inside the house, the police chief heard some muffled voices. He was surprised and wondered if there were more of the gang members hiding in the living room. He looked around and saw two boys tied up under a table. He immediately freed Pete and Reen with the help of another policeman.

“Pete, Reen, I am so glad to see you again. Are you okay?” asked the police chief.

“Fine, thank you, sir” answered Pete. “We are not hurt at all, aren’t we Reen?” continued Pete as he smiled at Reen. Reen nodded with a big smile as he gave the police chief a hug.

The police chief smiled, “By the way, it was Safora who called for help. Safora and Mic are really worried about both of you.”

“So she received my message,” said Pete. “I couldn’t type properly for my hands were tied up. Fortunately one of the gang members dropped his phone, so I used it to send Safora the message. Now where’s my phone?” asked Pete as he looked around for his phone.

They all searched for Pete’s phone and a moment later, Reen found it under a chest drawer. Another group of policemen found some wooden doors inside one of the rooms. They took the doors out and the police chief instructed them to take the doors to the police station.

“So…,” said the police chief, “it seems like Mr. Pete’s, Miss Hong’s, and Mr. Luke’s doors may not be st…”

“Excuse me, sir!,” said a policeman running into the house. We just received a message that Mr. Pete from Canary Street has lost his front door. He reached home from the airport and found that his door had disappeared!”

“We must go there now!” said the police chief, “Since Mr. Pete’s door is already stolen, we must protect Mr. Luke’s and Miss Hong’s doors. Send five policemen to Miss Hong’s house and another six to Mr. Luke’s house! Pete and Reen, come with me.”

The police chief went out of the house followed by Pete and Reen. As soon as Safora and Mic saw them, they both ran across the street and hug their brothers. Then they went into the police car.

“Anybody can direct me to Mr. Pete’s house?” asked the police chief.

“I can, sir. I know where is Mr. Pete’s house. He is our uncle’s neighbour,” said Mic.

So they drove to Mr. Pete’s house followed by two other police cars.

Mr. Pete was very sad. While the police chief spoke to Mr. Pete, Mic and Reen walked to Mr. Luke’s house which was a few houses away. Mr. Luke is Mic and Reen’s uncle and the children wondered if their uncle’s front door is still there.

When they arrived at their Uncle’s house, they saw that the front door was wide opened.

“Oh,” said Mic. “I thought Uncle Luke said that he never leaves the front door open because he fears that snakes might come in. Oh well. I’ll ask him about that later.”

“TLINGTLINGTLING,” Mic knocked at the gate using the pad lock. Mr. Luke peeked out and saw the children.

“Hello, Mic, I’m so glad to see you!” he said with a big smile. “Please come in. I have some tasty cookies and chocolates for you. I was just about to call you to invite you with Pete, Safora and Reen to my house. By the way, where’s Pete?” asked Mr. Luke.

Er…,” started Mic, “Pete is at Mr. Pete’s house with the police. We just found out that his front door was stolen. By the way, uncle, why did you leave your front door open? I thought you said that snakes might come in if the door is left open.”

“Oh,” started Mr. Luke. “I must have forgotten to close the door. Now where is my door knob? Hmm…. Maybe I opened it the other way around. Wait…, where is my door? My door is gone? Oh dear, my beautiful door is gone.”

“I’m sorry, uncle but I was just about to say that,” said Mic.

>>>  To Be Continued  <<<

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