Uncle Amrahi’s Open House

On September 27th, we went to Uncle Amrahi’s Eid open house.

Uncle Amrahi is a senior member of Silat Cekak Hanafi.

From the left in stripped green shirt is Uncle Amrahi, next is me sitting on Uncle Amrahi's lap, Aunty Faudziah, my mother and my big sister Kaman.

Over there we ate lots of delicious rice and beef, satay, roti jala, custard and other tasty food.

I met Uncle Amrahi’s cousin, Aunty Rahimah Abu Bakar again.

She invited me to watch YONEX Open Japan 2011 match – Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long badminton live on the TV.

Watching the YONEX Open Japan 2011 match with Aunty Rahimah(sitting on the left).

Aunty Rahimah was a national badminton player many, many years ago.

She is still the best Malay woman badminton player in Malaysia.

I love going to Uncle Amrahi’s open house 🙂

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