The Special Thumbdrive

Written And Illustrated By: Ahmad Ali


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One sunny day, Mr. Lee called Haily and said, “Hello, I’ve just bought a pair of shoes and put them beside the fridge.” At that time it was snowing, so the signal was weak. Mr. Lee’s voice was not very clear as there were lots of cracking sounds. Haily answered, “What? You put a pair of shoes in the fridge?”


Haily was surprised because he heard that Mr. Lee put his new shoes in the fridge; actually Mr. Lee said he put his new shoes beside the fridge....


The next day, Haily met Marana’s friend, Mervar and Malarma from Calovinia. Haily bought a new thumbdrive from Malarma. But when he used the thumbdrive, the laptop changed its shape into a thumbdrive shape!

Haily's new thumbdrive.

He called all of his friends for help. When Haily put the thumbdrive in Marana’s computer, Marana’s computer became invisible! Marana could not see her computer. And when Marana wanted to charge her computer, the computer was not charging because the cable was not plugged to her computer.

Then Haily put the thumbdrive in Mr. Lee’s computer. The computer started to move on its own and started to talk! And when Haily put the thumbdrive in Mervar’s laptop, the laptop flew up. Mervar had to jump very high up to catch it.

Haily took the thumbdrive back to Malarma’s shop. Haily told Malarma, “The thumbdrive did funny things to laptops and computers. It must be haunted.” Malarma said that there was nothing wrong with the thumbdrive. “It can do strange things because it is a very special thumbdrive. You should read the manual first before using it. You can activate your thumbdrive to do all kinds of things to your laptop or computer. And if you want to use it as a normal thumbdrive, you just need to off the button. Then your laptops and computers will be normal again.”

Haily went home and deactivate the special function and all the laptops and computers turned normal again. They were very happy and they lived happily ever after.

The End 😉

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