Photos: Flooded Mexico, 47 Killed

18 09 2013

47 people were killed after two tropical storms hit the opposite coasts of Mexico.

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A huge number of buildings, houses, roads, highways and bridges were damaged.

In Acapulco, at least 40,000 tourists, mainly Mexican were stranded. 

Acapulco was cut off from road transport after heavy rains due to Tropical Storm Manuel caused at least 13 landslides, rockslides, floods and collapsed bridges.

Federal officials said it could take at least another day to open the main highway to Acapulco.

The situation was far more serious in the city’s low-income neighbourhoods where rain water flowed from the nearby steep hills into the neighbourhoods causing flood and landslides.

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Two Major Storms Hit Mexico, 41 Killed

17 09 2013


Tropical Depression Ingrid hit Mexico’s northern Gulf coast, while the remnants of Tropical Storm Manuel hit the Mexico’s Pacific coast, causing some of the worst flooding in decades.

The storms have affected two-thirds of the entire country brought very strong winds, heavy rains that caused flash floods and landslides.

Buildings were damaged, roads were washed out 

At least 41 people were killed in the states of Veracruz, Guerrero, Puebla, Hidalgo, Michoacan and Oaxaca by the flooding and landslides.

Acapulco was hardest hit where at least 21 people were killed as buildings collapsed and roads were transformed into raging rivers.

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21 Killed By Tropical Storm Manuel And Hurricane Ingrid

16 09 2013


At least 21 people were killed in Mexico after a hurricane and a tropical storm strikes the opposite sides of Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific. 

Tropical Storm Manuel drenched Mexico’s southwestern Pacific shoulder Sunday while Hurricane Ingrid closed in on the country’s Gulf coast, causing heavy rains and landslides.

Civil Protection Coordinator Luis Felipe Puente said 14 people died in Guerrero, three in Hidalgo, three in Puebla and one in Oaxaca due to the disaster.

Tropical Storm Manuel, with a maximum sustained winds of about 35 mph (55 kph) was moving to the northwest at 8 mph (13 kph) late Sunday, 70 miles (110 kilometers) northwest of Manzanillo.

Manuel was expected to bring 10 to 15 inches of rain over parts of Guerrero and Michoacan state, with maximums of 25 inches in some isolated areas.

Meanwhile Hurricane Ingrid had maximum sustained winds of 75 mph (120 kph) late Sunday and was centered about 110 miles (175 kilometers) northeast of the port city of Tampico as it moved west-northwest at 6 mph (9 kph). 

It is expected to make a landfall by Monday morning, most likely along Tamaulipas state’s lightly populated coast north of Tampico.

Anyway, the storm system from the outer bands of Ingrid was already dumping heavy rains in parts of Mexico.

A hurricane warning was in effect from Cabo Rojo to La Pesca.

The hurricane can bring dangerous storm surge, destructive waves and heavy rains that can cause flash floods and landslides.

Yahoo! News said that more than 1,000 homes in Veracruz state had been affected by the storm to varying degrees and 20 highways and 12 bridges were damaged by the disaster.

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Colorado Flooding-Day 5: Weld County Badly Hit-Photos

15 09 2013

It is still raining in the eastern Colorado for the fifth day on Saturday, causing more damages to the flooded area as rivers overflow their banks.

Houses, roads, farms and bridges are damaged and destroyed by the flood waters and landslides.

One of the hardest hit areas are in Weld County where the swollen St. Vrain, Big Thompson and Cache La Poudre rivers empty into the South Platte River.

Sean Conway, a commissioner of rural Weld County, said that, “This is a five hundred to a hundred years flood.”

The National Weather Service said that some areas have seen more than 15 inches of rain in a span of three days, which is above average rainfall totals for an entire year.

National Guard troops and local emergency crews team up on search and rescue missions.

The seasonal monsoon rains started on Monday and by Wednesday night, flood waters flowed down from the mountain canyons into the foothills, particularly Boulder.

Ashlee Herring, a spokeswoman for the Boulder Office of Emergency Management said, “All the roads on the western side of the county are lost – they’re gone.”


Further downstream in Morgan County, the farming communities of Weldona, Goodrich, Muir Springs and Orchard were under evacuation orders.

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Photos: Heavy Floods Hit China, 43 Dead

14 07 2013
Heavy floods sweep through Beichuan County in southwest China's Sichuan province on Tuesday, July 9.

Heavy floods sweep through Beichuan County in southwest China’s Sichuan province on Tuesday, July 9.

Death toll reaches 43 after heavy floods hit Dujiangya, Southwest China.

The floods caused landslides including a landslide as big as a small town  that rushed down a mountain earlier in the week.

At least 118 people are still missing.

The disaster destroyed 5,100 houses, damaged another 90,000, smashing bridges and knocking out power to thousands of people.

More than 1.5 million people are affected by the flood.

It is said that this is the worst flood since 1998.

Forecast says that there will be more storms coming soon.

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Photos: Deadly Flood In India 2013

21 06 2013

Torrential monsoon rains had caused landslides and bad flood in the northern state of Uttrakhand, India.

At least 100 people were killed.

The flood and landslides washed away roads and nearly two dozen bridges and demolished 365 houses and partially damaged hundreds of others.

Nearly 63,000 people were still stranded.

The flooded Yamuna river caused flood in some area in New Delhi.

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Putra Height Landslide Buried Six Cars

3 01 2013
Putra Height landslide, Thursday December 3, 2012. (MStar Online)

Putra Height landslide, Thursday December 3, 2012. (MStar Online)

At about 6:15pm this evening, there was a landslide at Jalan Putra Bahagia, near the Putra Heights police station in Subang Jaya.

Six vehicles were buried in the incident, while other vehicles passing by were splattered with mud and soil.

Fortunately nobody was reportedly hurt.

One of the six cars that were buried in the landslide. (NSTP photo)

One of the six cars that were buried in the landslide. (NSTP photo)

The Star reported that Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Yahaya Ramli said, “Initial investigations revealed the slope is under construction. The contractor is also helping the authorities in the cleanup.”

The road is temporarily closed to clear all the debris and is expected to reopen by tomorrow (Friday) morning.

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