Free The Killer Whales


There is a video on CNN about ‘Captive Whales Will Kill, OSHA Warned’.

OSHA is Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


I agree with that.

I wrote about it in my blog, ‘Killer Whale Killed Its Trainer’.

I think killer whales need to live in their own homes – the oceans.

Killer Whale

They love the oceans and the ocean are their homes.

Killer whales want to be free and be with their families.

Killer Whales

We can make a floating zoo in the ocean and use boats to visit them.

It will be something like a safari.

Killer whales are wild animal.

They can get angry and kill other people.

May be killer whales feel like being jailed in the huge tanks.

A Killer Whale and its Trainer

I think people will be building floating zoos one day.

Please protect the animals and trees.

And please protect our earth as in ‘Earth Song’.

Killer Whale Killed Its Trainer

SeaWorld Logo

A killer whale killed a trainer at SeaWorld Shamu Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.

SeaWorld Shamu Stadium is in Orlando, Florida.

A witness said that a whale named Tilikum jumped up and grabbed the trainer into its tank.

Tilikum, a male killer whale at Sea World, Orlando. The whale came from Canada where he drowned a trainer.

Killer whale is a type of dolphin.

Tilikum is a huge male killer whale.

It weighs 11,ooo pounds and is 22 foot long.

People from the Ethical Treatment Of Animals said killer whales are smart and oceangoing mammals.

They want people to stop keeping the killer whale in tanks and made them perform silly tricks over and over again.

I agree with them because the killer whales may get angry and kill other people.

Anyway I like to watch animals shows too.

I think the killer whale did not eat its trainer.

It must be a sad day at SeaWorld and the trainer’s family must be very sad.

Dawn Brancheau was a very good trainer.

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