Irshad Manji’s BFM 89.9 Radio Recorded Interview Is Cancelled

When she was in Kuala Lumpur, Irshad Manji told her fans that BFM 89.9 radio will broadcast their recorded interview soon.

And while listening to the BFM 89.9 radio just now, we are very happy to hear this announcement on the BFM 89.9 radio,the recorded interview is cancel because we have received notification from our regulators not to air the pre-recorded @irshadmanji interview.”

Thank you to the ones who had cancelled the interview.

Malaysians say no to Irshad Manji.

BBC News Interview Asyraf Haziq – Video

In an interview with BBC, Asyraf Haziq says that,”This thing happened so sudden”.

Asyraf Haziq is a Malaysian student who was attacked and robbed by London rioters.

Please click here for detailed news and the video of the BBC interview:

Malaysian student Asyraf Haziq: ‘This thing happened so sudden.’

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