Attack On Nuns: TMI, Please Do Not Instigate Hatred

The Malaysian Insider (TMI) wrote a lot of articles about the robbery at the Church of Visitation in Seremban.

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In the above article, TMI reported as if the incident was not a robbery but it was a hate crime by an extremist because of religious differences.

TMI published hatred words of slander toward others, especially the Muslims and the government.

TMI reader PNL wrote: NUNS do not carry expensive handbags or wear jewellery!!!!!!!! Just what can the coward robber hoped to get from these nuns????????  This is really getting out of hand!!!!!  Besides we have NEVER heard of nuns getting robbed!!!!!!
“What was there to rob from a nun? A prayer rosary?” asked Harjim.
“Looks like a setup by some religious extremist to make it look like robbery but was in fact religious hatred and intolerance,” said BolehBoleh – TMI (Attack on nuns: Was it a robbery or hate crime, ask netizens).

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Anyway, in the above article TMI reported that two nuns who were in ordinary clothes and not dressed as nuns!

The two victims, from the Infant Jesus Order, were dressed in ordinary clothes, instead of their habits – TMI (Attack on nuns not a hate crime, say police).

And as it was dark at the time, the robbers may not know that they are nuns.

So, how were they so sure that it was a hate crime if the robbers did not even know that the victims were nuns as they were dressed in ordinary clothes?

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In this article, TMI reported that:

Snatch thefts and wayside robberies are almost weekly occurrences around the Church of the Visitation in Seremban, where two nuns were viciously attacked early yesterday morning –  TMI (Area near Seremban church a crime hotspot, says parishioner).

So, the area lots of snatch thefts and wayside robberies in the area by ” people on motorcycles, wearing full-faced helmets,” as reported by TMI in the above articles.

TMI, please do not instigate hatred and do not give people wild ideas to blame others.

This shows how TMI’s own reports contradict and how TMI tried hard to instigate hatred towards their enemies.

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