A Second Visit To IKIM.fm

Last month, I had another chance to follow my father to IKIM.fm office.

ikim conty
A photo in the IKIM.fm studio, from left is Ahmad Ali Karim, Uncle Yusri, my father and Aunty Maslina Alias from IKIM.fm.

I was very happy because I was invited to join my father and Uncle Yusri Mohammad in the IKIM.fm’s studio during the live interview.

Before the program started, one of the crews took a picture of us and posted it on IKIM.fm’s facebook.

It was really great to be in the studio for a recording instead of listening to the radio.

It was my second experience in a radio studio during a live interview, my first was on October 29, 2012.

A Visit To The IKIM.fm Studio

On Monday morning October 29, 2012, I went to the IKIM office.

I was standing at one of the corridors connecting the IKIM offices.

I went there because my father was going to be interviewed on IKIM.fm’s Warna Pagi, talking about the Seminar Dakwah Nasional.

While waiting, I was introduced to Aunty Siti and Uncle Suffian.

At the IKIM.fm radio station. From left is Uncle Suffian (in front of him is me), Kashah, Kafah and Aunty Siti.

I was given a chance to be in the studio where they recorded the radio program.

And luckily, I was invited to stay in the studio until the end of the live-recording of the interview.

Inside the studio, from left is Aunty Siti, Uncle Suffian, me and my father.

Aunty Siti and  Uncle Suffian were very nice and friendly and I really enjoyed meeting them.

I hope to be able to go there again and get interviewed on one of IKIM.fm’s programs like my father :)

One of the corridors of the IKIM buidings.
I am standing at the main entrance of the office complex. 

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