Photos-Life Around Eyjafilljallajokull Glacier After Volcano Eruption

Black ash cloud rising in the background of a farm building in Drangshild 2 at Eyjafjoll.

This photo looks so spooky like a spooky photo from a scary film or storybook.

The volcano in southern Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier sends ash into the air Saturday, April 17, 2010. (AP Photo/Brynjar Gauti)


This aerial image shows the crater spewing ash and plumes of grit at the summit of the volcano in southern Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier Saturday April 17, 2010. Icelandic scientists warned that volcanic activity had increased and showed no sign of abating . (AP Photo/Arnar Thorisson/

So far nobody knows when will the eruption stops …

I hope that there will not be a bigger eruption.

Ash covers bags of hays on a farm in Hrutafell in Eyjafjoll on April 18. 2010.

Ash covers the grounds on the farms around the Eyjafilljallajokull glacier.

The farmers have to work hard to clean their farms.

The ash can be dangerous to the farmers and their animals.

In some places people have to wear masks and glasses.

Men work to remove volcanic ash from the roof of a house, in Seljavellir, 140 kilometers (86 miles) from Reykjavík, Iceland, Sunday, April 18, 2010.  (AP Photo/Brynjar Gauti )

The ash has to be removed from the roof to avoid the roof from collapsed.

Spooky black ash cloud in the background on April 18,2010.

The black ash cloud blocks the sun light in some area in Iceland.

This makes day as dark as night.

The black ash cloud makes day as dark as night time in Drangshild 2 near Eyjafjoll on April 17, 2010.

I read and wrote about stranded passenger at airports around the world.

What about the farmers around the Eyjafilljallajokull glacier?

A natural fire works show. The eruption of the volcano under the Eyjafilljallajokull glacier in Iceland causing airports to close in Europe.

I think that the photos of the eruption of the volcano under the Eyjafilljallajokull glacier is really beautiful.

But it caused problems to millions of people around the world!

Another amazing view of the volcanic eruption under the Eyjafilljallajokull glacier, Iceland.

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