LGBT Muslims: Are They Trying To Play The Victim Game?

“If a man or a woman was created in such a way that he or she feels attracted to same gender rather than opposite gender than what is the mistake of that human being. Instead of blaming them that they are sinners, we should try to understand their feelings or help them live their life according to Islam”.

I received the above comment on my recent blog post, “LGBT Muslims: It’s Time For Acceptance?”.

Talking about LGBT, those are the words that we often hear; that “a man or a woman was created in such a way that he or she feels attracted to same gender rather than opposite gender” or I presume that in other words it means that ‘god had created them that way’.

My question is, are these people trying to put the blame on the Creator for the choice made by human beings? 

Hence, in the issue of LGBT Muslims, are they trying to put the blame on Allah for creating a person “in such a way that he or she feels attracted to same gender”?

To claim, “…  what is the mistake of that human being” for choosing to become an LGBT Muslim affirms the above argument that one is blaming Allah for the choice made by a human being to disobey Allah.

“Instead of blaming them that they are sinners, we should try to understand their feelings or help them live their life according to Islam”

Everyone including the LGBT Muslims must know that Islam does not only forbid Muslims from being LGBT people but Muslims must not support the LGBT movements.

As a Muslim, we judge what is right and wrong from the perspective of the Quran and the Hadith; and not from human perspectives.

Hence LGBT Muslims cannot deny the fact that they are sinners, and the society cannot tell them that being an LGBT Muslim is not a sin; there is no question about that and we cannot say otherwise.

Are we saying that we understand the feelings of the LGBT people better than Allah when we as Muslims know that Allah knows best?

Knowing that, LGBT Muslims must repent to Allah and seek forgiveness from Allah and then seek help and must not refuse to be treated.

It is crystal clear that Islam prohibits LGBT; and as Muslims we must follow the laws of Islam.

It is about accepting the facts that being an LGBT Muslim is a sin and not about blaming others and demanding others to treat LGBT people as if they have done nothing wrong.

Please stop playing the victim game.

LGBT Muslims: It’s Time For Acceptance?

A Free Malaysia Today reader, who goes by the name of Dr. Moaz Nair, wrote an article published by the news portal regarding LGBT, which is currently one of the most talked about issue in the country.

With the title of “LGBT, homosexuality and Islam”, Dr. Moaz Nair discussed how he thinks the Muslims should treat the LGBT people including LGBT Muslims.

Even though Dr. Moaz Nair stated that “Islam forbids such behaviour” in reference to LGBT, Dr. Moaz Nair thinks that the Muslims should respect LGBT Muslims and “just leave it to them to live a life of their own”; or in other words, give the LGBT Muslims the freedom to express themselves in any way they wish to.

Dr. Moaz Nair wrote:

“Be that as it may, the LGBT issue should not be judged from a slanted religious or cultural perspective. It has to be looked at from medical and psychological perspectives.”

Interesting, Dr. Moaz wants the LGBT issue including LGBT Muslims “to be looked at from the medical and psychological perspectives” instead of being “judged from a slanted religious or cultural perspective”.

Hence, in order to do so, our main and most important reference should be the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases which is generally known as ICD.

ICD defines the universe of diseases, disorders, injuries and other related health conditions, listed in a comprehensive, hierarchical fashion and is used and recognised by the medical professionals worldwide.

Going through the list of internationally recognised diseases in the latest edition (2018) of ICD, categorised under, “Conditions related to sexual health”, is “Gender incongruence” which ICD-11 describes as:

Gender incongruence is characterized by a marked and persistent incongruence between an individual’s experienced gender and the assigned sex. Gender variant behaviour and preferences alone are not a basis for assigning the diagnoses in this group – (ICD-11)

Coded as HA60, “Gender incongruence of adolescence or adulthood describes the characters of LGBT people:

This means that LGBT people are internationally categorised as people with “Conditions related to sexual health”.

This proves that not only LGBT is prohibited in Islam but medically, it is recorded under “diseases and health conditions” classified under the code of HA60 in ICD-11, which is the latest edition of ICD.

ICD which is the foundation for the identification of health trends and the international standard for reporting diseases and health conditions, is the diagnostic classification standard for all clinical and research purposes.

Moaz also said that homosexuality and bisexuality can also be found in the non-human kingdoms including animals:

Again, homosexuality and bisexuality can also be found in the non-human kingdom, in animals and plants.

The same symptoms in animals and plants were created as such and this is not an issue at all to human beings. It’s only when human beings are seen as having these distinct traits that it becomes an issue in some societies.

I cannot understand what makes some people think that what is right for plants and animal must also be right for humans.

Or, as I once asked in my column in a news portal last year, do some people think that animals are smarter, more ethical and more civilised than humans that we humans need to follow their behaviours?

As animals practice jungle law, so must we too do the same and live a life without rules and orders where we can become our own kings and free to proclaim war anytime we feel like it?

If so, they might want to live in the zoo or forest or deep in the jungle where they can do what ever they wish and without any rules to follow.

Dr. Moaz Nair also wrote that:

There have been many cases of even religious figures who have children belonging to this category of people. Some have approached counsellors and doctors for ways out, but even trained psychiatrists cannot do much to change these congenital symptoms.

LGBT is classified as a disease, disorder, or a health condition and Muslims know that Islam forbids such behaviour, so not only if their children but if a so-called ‘religious figure’ belongs “to this category of people” or has a tendency to become an LGBT, then the so-called ‘religious figure’ must repent to Allah and seek forgiveness from Allah and then the person must seek help and wants to be treated.

But if the LGBT person refuses to be treated, then “even trained psychiatrists cannot do much to change these congenital symptoms”; not because it is impossible to do so, but because the patient does not want to be cured!

Next Dr. Moaz Nair said:

In Islam, it says Allah is compassionate (al-Rahman) and merciful (al-Rahim). Allah is also the forgiver and hider of faults (al-Ghafur).

So, just have faith in God for he knows best. Let the final judgment be God’s. 

Allah is compassionate, merciful, the forgiver and hider of faults; that is why we must obey Allah.

As Islam forbids LGBT, all Muslims must obey the words of Allah because we are Muslims and we love Allah.

If we truly have faith in Allah for Allah knows best, then we’ll obey and submit ourselves to Allah without any doubt, and not the other way around!

Dr. Moaz Nair also said that:

As human beings with many shortcomings in our judgments, we should not play God and pass spiteful judgments on the LGBT community.

I would like to say that it is not about to “play God and pass spiteful judgments on the LGBT community in Islam”, but it is about the concept of “amar ma’ruf nahi munkar” which means enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong.

In a hadith narrated by Imam -Tirmizhi, the Prophet s.a.w said:

”By He whom my life is in His hands, you shall call others to do good, and stop them from doing wrong. Or (if you do not do so) Allah s.w.t will bring to you a punishment and then you ask for His help and your prayers will not be answered.”

So, if the Muslims care tor the LGBT Muslims and think that they are an integral part of our society, then we should not let them live their lives in sin; instead we must bring them to the right path.

Are we going to do nothing and just let other Muslims taking the wrong path in life only because we think that they “are an integral part of our society and they should be given the leeway and latitude to prove themselves useful to all and sundry”?

As a Muslim, we judge what is right and wrong from the perspective of the Quran and the hadith; and not from human perspectives.

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Where there’s Barilla, there’s home

Aurelio Mancuso, head of gay rights group Equality Italia called for a boycott of Barilla’s pastas, sauces and snacks.

He made the call after Guido Barilla, chairman of the world’s leading pasta manufacturer, told Italian Radio 24 on Wednesday that his company would never use a gay family in its advertising.

“I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them. Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role.”

Barilla for many years has used the image of a happy family living in an idealized version of the Italian countryside, with the slogan, “Where there’s Barilla, there’s home.”

I support Barilla for supporting the classic family and not promoting gay family in his advertisement because homosexual family is against my religion.

It is funny when Mancuso called for the boycott as Barilla does not say anything against gay, what he said was that he does not want a gay family in his advertisements.

It is wrong and unfair for some people to force other people to accept homosexual family as normal because homosexual family is not accepted by lots of religions.

It seems that Mancuso cannot not respect Barilla’s freedom of speech and opinion.

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