Aliens From Jupiter 5

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Written and illustrated by: Ahmad Ali


Emoden was an alien from Pluto. Kamosa, Goplaga, Hilama, Meido and Emoden became friends. Meido invited Kamosa and all his other friends to visit Earth. Anyway, only Kamosa and Emoden agreed to go with him.


Kamosa's spaceship was about to land on Earth.


On Earth, they met three new friends named Qoyris, Clara and Insyirah.  


Inshirah is at the right, Clara is in the middle and Qoyris is at the left.


Qoyris gave Kamosa the ‘4 Players Chess’ set that Kamosa left on Saturn.


Qoyris was very, very happy to get a '4 players chess' set.


Qoyris found it the last time he went to Saturn. Anyway, Kamosa gave the ‘4 Players Chess’ set to Qoyris because he already had another set that Goplaga gave for his birthday. Qoyris was very, very happy.

Qoyris said that he came from Saudi Arabia. One day, he went to Calovinia for a holiday. But when he wanted to go back to Saudi Arabia, he forgot where the airport was. So he was stuck in Calovinia until he built a spaceship and became an astronaut.

Clara came from England and Insyirah was from Riyadh but they traveled to a lot of places because they were astronauts too.

The next day Kamosa went back to Jupiter to meet his family. Anyway Emoden stayed on Earth and he met a lot of new friends.

The End

Aliens From Jupiter 4

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Written and illustrated by: Ahmad Ali


Goplaga, Hilama and Meido prepared a surprise birthday party for Kamosa. Meido was Kamosa’s human friend who flew Kamosa’s spaceship from planet Earth to Saturn.


Kamosa was very happy. His friends gave him lots of presents. Meido gave Kamosa an Alienware laptop, an i Phone 4 and an i Pad. Hilama gave Kamosa a computer mouse, a CPU, a computer monitor and a computer speaker. Goplaga gave Kamosa a 4 players chess set, a house, an Adobe Photoshop CS4 CD, an Age of Empires 3 CD and a ‘Halo Wars’ CD.

After the birthday party Kamosa, Meido, Hilama, and Goplaga played the 4 players chess together. Meido won the game! Then, Meido decided to go to Pluto. Kamosa agreed and they all flew to Pluto in Kamosa’s spaceship.

On the way to Pluto, Goplaga saw a bunch of big noodles falling onto Pluto. But Hilama said that it was a giant piece of meat and Kamosa said that it were flying pepperonis. Meido said it was a spaceship flying to Pluto.

And Meido was right, it was a spaceship! The spaceship landed on Pluto.

Kamosa's spaceship and the spaceship that looks like meat, pepperonis and noodles.

When they arrived on Pluto, they met another alien friend named Emoden. Emoden had 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 hands and 2 legs. It was Emoden’s spaceship that looked like a giant meat, pepperonis and noodles.


Meido said that Emoden was a funny alien.

To be continued in Aliens from Jupiter 5

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