Before And After Photos: Devastation Of The Joplin, Missouri Tornado

These photos(from AP) are of Joplin, Missouri before and after the powerful tornado(twister) tore the city.

At least 132 people were killed and more than 900 people were injured.

By Friday, about 156 people were still missing.

The tornado that hit Joplin on Sunday was rated an EF-5 or the strongest possible.

It scored a direct hit on the city of 50,000 people in southwest Missouri and left a swath of destruction nearly a mile wide, damaging some 8,000 buildings.

It is reportedly the worst single tornado in modern US history.

I am very sad to see the photos.

So many people are suffering and there are children missing during the disaster.

I pray that they will be okay.

Joplin, Missouri has been devastated by a tornado that has killed 125, and the death toll continues to rise. These before and after arial photos show the extent of the destruction throughout the city.« Read less (Photo: AP)
This photo shows 26th street, a main road that runs through the heart of Joplin. (Photos: Navteq, AP)
Entire residential blocks were flattened by the tornado. (Photos: Navteq, AP)
This whole apartment complex was destroyed by the tornado, and the swimming pool stripped completely. (Photos: Navteq, AP)
The roof of Joplin's Home Depot was torn off the building. Many of the dead were found at this Home Depot, likely trying to seek shelter as the storm hit. (Photos: Navteq, AP)
This Wal-Mart store was also destroyed by the tornado. (Photos: Navteq, AP)


Pink Panther DUNKIN'DONUTS Box
Pink Panther DUNKIN'DONUTS Box

Today I went to DUNKIN’DONUTS.

There are many kinds of donuts at DUNKIN’DONUTS.


We bought :

  1. Happy

  2. Bendera

  3. Double chocolate

  4. White chocolate

  5. Raspberry

  6. Blueberry

  7. Swiss chocolate

I like Happy the most because it is so sweet and cute 🙂

Happy Donut and Sticker
Happy Donut and Sticker

The Bendera is nice too.

I Am Eating A Bendera Donut
I Am Eating A Bendera Donut

And I like the sandwiches too.

It has chicken, cheese, cucumber, lettuce and tomato.

I am very happy because I also get some nice stickers from DUNKIN’ DONUTS.

Tasty DUNKIN'DONUTS AND Nice Stickers
Tasty DUNKIN'DONUTS AND Nice Stickers

Anyway DUNKIN’ DONUTS is not very healthy because the donuts have a bit of trans-fat.

Fried In Less Than 2% Trans-Fat Oil
Fried In Less Than 2% Trans-Fat Oil


They are yummy 🙂

Now Uncle Azahar A Dato’

Uncle Azahar is now a Dato’.

I know that Uncle Azahar is a Dato’ because I read Uncle Azahar’s blog,

Nature lover

Click here to visit Uncle Azahar’s blog.

Uncle Azahar is the vet  boss in Pahang.

A vet is an animal doctor.

I think Uncle Azahar is very happy.

I am happy too.

Congratulations to Uncle Azahar!

Uncle Dato' Azahar
Uncle Dato' Azahar

My 6th Birthday

Friday, 13/2/09 was my birthday.

I celebrated my birthday on 11/2/09 and 13/2/09.

On the 11th February 2009 I celebrated my birthday in Kuala Lumpur.

I had a pizza birthday party with my parents and sisters.

I was very happy because I also got lots and lots of birthday presents.

I also got some birthday cards.

On the 13th February I celebrated my birthday at Nenek’s house in Kuala Terengganu.

I celebrated my birthday on the 13th February with my grandparents, my parents, my sisters and Nenek’s shop’s staffs.

Nenek’s shop is Alam Akademik.

It is a book shop.

We had a nasi minyak birthday party.

I wish I will get an earphone for my birthday.

Welcome To My Blog

Hello, my name is Ahmad Ali Karim. Welcome to my blog. I love to write and I started to write stories when I was 3 years old. Now I am 5 years old and I am very happy to start my own blog.

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