Pak Cik Burhan’s Birthday

Today is Pak Cik Burhan’s birthday.

Pak Cik Burhan at Kak Tasneem’s wedding.

Pak Cik Burhan is one of my father’s best friend. His full name is Wan Burhan Wan Ismail.

They used to study at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA.

(L-R) Abdul Rashid Hussien, Che Wahab Che Man, Pak  Cik Burhan, A. Karim Omar(my father), Mohd Yazid Md Saman

I wonder if Pak Cik Burhan receives lots of presents for his birthday ❓

I sent Pak Cik Burhan a very special birthday song.

It is one of my favourite songs.

By the way, 5 days ago was my birthday.

And on the 16th Feb, 2011, my father bought me a big and delicious birthday cake.

But I’m very sad because my father did not take any photo of my birthday cake 😦 😥

I hope Pak Cik Burhan loves the birthday song that I sent him 😉 😆

Happy birthday, Pak Cik  Burhan!

(: Happy Birthday Kaman :)

There was something special happening on 13th March.

It was Kaman’s 15th birthday!

Kaman got 15 presents.


I love Kaman very much 🙂

My Future Company – “D. Pax”

The name of my company is “D. Pax”

This is continuation from my previous post: My Future Projects

This are the staffs of “Happy Birthday:

  1. Ali (boss)

  2. Ali
  3. Bear Wangi (assistant)

  4. Bear Wangi
  5. Kanora Glista (Part Timer)

  6. Kanora Glista
  7. Ila (Part Timer)

  8. Ila
  9. Barney (Part Timer)

  10. Barney
  11. Kittty (Designer)

  12. Kittty
  13. Tesco (Asst. Designer)

  14. Tesco
  15. Fah (Asst. Designer)

  16. Fah
  17. Fresh Pulp (Part Timer)

  18. Fresh Pulp
  19. Happy Birthday (High Members)

  20. Happy Birthday
  21. Kiki Spatchy (Senior)

  22. Kiki Spatchy
  23. Kid The Barneys (High Members)

  24. Kid The Barneys

Happy Birthday Kafah :)

Yesterday was 5th December.

It was Kafah’s 8th birthday!

Kafah got a lot of presents.


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