MPH Warehouse Sale

Yesterday I went to the MPH warehouse sale in Petaling Jaya.

The place was very big.

There are books all around the place.

I went there to buy books.

We spent 4 hours over there.

I went there with Kaman, Mama and Abah.

My 2 other sisters did not go to MPH because they were at school.

I read 5 books over there.

I read 3 Bob the Builder, 1 Barney and 1 Thomas.

The best was Barney Easter Eggs.

Bob The Builder were too simple.

The words were too big.

I also drank a can of Yeo’s tea.

My father bought lots of books.

My father bought me some books too.

The best was ‘Diego and Click take a Pic‘.

It was about Diego’s camera named Click.

The book shaped like Click the camera.

I love it very much.

I enjoyed going to MPH sale because I love to read books.

Reading good books is a good practice.

Good Practice And Bad Practice

Good practice are doing good things.

Good practice are:

  1. Solat/praying.

  2. Studying.

  3. Working.

  4. Eating healthy food.

  5. Reading the Al-Quran.

  6. Reading good books.

  7. Make ourselves good.

  8. Help others to become good.

  9. To keep the world clean and beautiful, pleasing to Allah.

  10. Writing good blog.

Bad practice are doing bad things.

Bad practice are:

  1. Eating junk food.

  2. Kicking people.

  3. Playing PSP and PS2.

  4. Empty fun.

  5. Playing fire crackers and fire works.

  6. Wasting time.

  7. Wasting money.

  8. Wasting electricity.

  9. Wasting water.

  10. Crying too much.

  11. Shouting too much.

We must do good things and do not do bad things

because Allah wants us to do good things and not to do

bad things.

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