The Flappy Series: Selling Ketupats

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On one nice clear and cold day Flappy asked his friends, “What should we do?”

“We are going to sell ketupats,” answered Golden Pirate.

“Really? I don’t think so. Oh, by the way what is ketupat?” asked White Witch.

“Ketupat is something like rice cake,” said Golden Pirate.

Golden Pirate gets ready to sell ketupats.

When they started selling some ketupats, a herd of pillows came and shouted, “We want ketupats! We want ketupat!”

A herd of pillows reached their ketupat stall.

They shouted and shouted and did not stop even after White Witch told them to stop.

Then she said, “Silence or not you can’t buy them,” to stop them; and it works 🙂

Then a pillow named Pillow Cameraman came and bought some ketupats.

Pillow Cameraman wants to buy some ketupats too.

He snapped some  photos to be published in a newspaper.

All the pillows bought the ketupats, some bought 100 and some others even bought 10000 ketupats.

And some ordered the ketupats with their with pictures on them!

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The Flappy Series: The Teddy Part 2

Continued from ‘The Flappy Series – The Teddy’.


After Flappy sang the song entitled, ‘Echo Ball Come Soon’, the golden thing said, “Nice song, I like it. It’s very nice”.

♪Echo ball come soon♪, but who’s Echo Ball?” asked the golden thing.

White Witch answered,”It’s a ball that we call Echo Ball”.

The they heard a loud thunder, “Thunder, there’s always thunder over here,” said White Witch.

After the thunder stops, they all went to sleep in the tent.

Flappy was sleeping in the tent.
They woke up and packed their stuff.

When they woke up the next day, they all packed up their stuff.

Then White Witch drove the golden thing home while Flappy flew White Witch’s helicopter.

Golden Pirate went inside White Witch's car.
At last they reached home.

Suddenly the golden thing said, “I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Golden Pirate. I only have one eye because my other eye was lost somewhere, I forgot where I lost it”.

“Thunder!”, shouted White Witch.

“Thunders means that the Black Wizard is nearby and trying to do his magics.”

At that moment she saw a Jolly the dinosaur.

She shouted, “Hi, so it was the sound of your footsteps, I thought it was thunder!”

The dinosaur smiled,”Bye, White Witch”.

“Bye, Jolly”, said White Witch.

White Witch was talking to Golden Pirate.

“Oh Golden Pirate, it’s getting dark so I think you should go home now”, said Flappy.

“Why home?” asked Golden Pirate.

White Witch answered, “Because it’s late”.

Flappy added, “And dark”.

“Oh okay, have a nice day”, said Golden Pirate.

I recorded a video of this story using my Flip Video Camcorder.

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