Banana is a type of fruit and I like it very much.

They are nutritious too.

They grow in the tropics.

They are very so sweet and tasty.

There are many kinds of bananas in Malaysia and the best place to buy them is at the farmer’s market (pasar tani).

When I eat bananas, I’ll say “mmmmmmmmm”.

Most ripe bananas are yellow but some of them are green, red and purple too.

The shape of a banana is like a crescent.

I like to eat porridge with fresh banana 🙂

We can also eat raw bananas with ice-cream or make them into banana milkshake.

Some bananas have to be cooked because they are not so tasty when eaten raw.

Bananas that need to be cooked

We can make banana cake, pudding and a lot other tasty dishes.

We can also fry them and they’ll become tasty and crunchy ‘goreng pisang or pisang goreng’ or banana fritters 🙂

My mother will use the over riped banana to make tasty banana balls or ‘jemput pisang’.

But I like banana in syrup or ‘sira pisang’ the most.

A basketful of ripe pisang mas, they are very sweet and tasty 🙂

And I think the ‘pisang mas’ is the tastiest banana 🙂

An Owl Near My House

Last week my father, my sister and I went to buy fried banana.

Then we saw an owl nearby.

We walked straight to the owl to take a closer look mrgreen

In Bahasa Malaysia owl is ‘burung hantu’.

‘Burung’ means bird and ‘hantu’ means ghost.

So ‘burung hantu’ means ‘ghost bird’ 🙂

It sounds scary…

Anyway owl does not looked like a ghost at all 🙂

In fact I think owl is cute.

Owl has a heart shaped face.

So it’s owner called owls ‘burung love’ instead of ‘burung hantu’.

By the way that owl looks like its owner 🙂

Owl cannot see in daylight 😐

So owl is only active at night.

I hope I can meet the owl again.

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