The Little Boy And The Little Brown Fox

One day, a little boy walked through a narrow pathway in a forest, collecting fallen branches for firewood. As he was walking, he saw a little brown fox walking towards him from the tall grasses.

The poor little boy quickly climbed up a tree, for he feared that the little brown fox might bite him. The little brown fox looked at the little boy and wiggled its tail before running towards him. Looking down at the little brown fox that was excitedly running towards him, the little boy climbed higher up the tree, for he was so scared of the little brown fox.

Then suddenly he stopped, for he was already at the top of the tree. The scared little boy could not climb up any further. Suddenly he got an idea. He reached for a vine and swung to the next tree! Then he climbed down the tree and ran towards his house.

The little brown fox followed the little boy all the way down the other tree and ran after him. As the little boy reached his house followed by the little brown fox, he remembered that he had left his house keys in his tent at the camp site by the river.

So he ran around his house followed by the little brown fox before running down the path to the camp site. But the journey was neither short nor easy. The little boy had to run as fast as he could while at the same time, he had to avoid the rocks and trees down the rocky,narrow and winding path way.

As he almost reached the camp side, the poor little the boy hit a tree and fell down. The little brown fox ran faster to its target. The little boy quickly got to his feet and climbed up the nearest tree. 

The little brown fox saw another tree beside the one that the little boy was climbing, so it climbed up the tree. The little boy didn’t know that the little brown fox was climbing up that tree, so he swung to the tree and quickly climbed down thinking that the fox was up on the other tree. 

Suddenly, as he almost reached the ground, he collided with the fox!  The little boy did not know what to do, so he decided to jump down to the ground for it wasn’t that high. He landed on the soft ground safely and the little brown fox jumped down after him. The little boy continued running to the camp site. As he got closer, he tripped over some roots and fell into the bushes.

The little brown fox ran faster towards the poor little boy and jumped on top of him. Then the most unexpected thing happened! The little brown fox cuddled the little boy and fell asleep on his lap. The little boy was so surprised as he looked at the little brown fox.

“Poor little brown fox, you must have been very tired,” said the little boy as he carried the little brown fox to the camp site. So after all, the little brown fox actually did not mean to hurt the little boy but it only need a friend and a warm place to sleep. Since that day, the little boy and the little brown fox became the best of friends.

>>> The End <<<

The cute little brown fox hiding in the tall grasses.
The cute little brown fox hiding in the tall grasses.

Mr. Mus Was Captured In A Monkey’s Trap

On December 17, 2011, we were surprised to hear noises in front of our house.

My big sister Kaman opened the door and saw a type of monkey or ‘beruk’ (in Malay) near the front door.

‘Beruk’ is a big monkey about the size of me that is easy to be tamed and trained to do lots of things.

We checked our CCTV and saw it messing up our shoe rack looking for food.

We named the monkey Kiki.

My father called the Department Of Wildlife And National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN) and very soon, they reached our house.

He gave us a cage trap and we put it in front of our house.

We put a banana in it and poke a stick into the banana so that when something disturb the banana, the cage door will close.

That evening we heard noises in front of our house and saw something was trapped in the cage on our CCTV.

We went out to check the cage and saw a fox trapped in the cage instead of a monkey!

We named the fox Mr. Mus.

Mr. Mus the fox was caught in a monkey's trap cage. It must be very sad to trapped in the cage.

When we checked on the CCTV, we saw that the fox was conscious of the trap.

It went around the cage searching for other ways to take the banana instead of going inside the cage.

It only went in after trying other ways and once it touched the banana, the cage door was closed so Mr. Mus was trapped in the cage.

The next day, the uncle from PERHILITAN came and took Mr. Mus to a safe place and set up a new cage for the monkey.

The uncle from PERHILITAN gave us a new trap cage.

We have to buy another bunch of banana because Mr. Mus had eaten our last banana 🙂

I think Mr. Mus is very cute but very smelly.

My sister and I said goodbye to Mr. Mus before it was driven away to a safe place.

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