Brunch At Kari Kambing 40 Hari

The famous ‘Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari’.

We came across a popular restaurant named ‘Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari’ on our many trips to Johor but only on 5th of August 2016, I had the chance to eat at the restaurant.

The restaurant is situated along Jalan Yong Peng – Ayer Hitam and from what I saw whenever I passed the place, the restaurant was always full; so we assume  the food must be very delicious.

It is a self-service type of restaurant, where plates of foods are placed on a counter for us to choose, except for the roti canai that has to be ordered.

When we arrived the restaurant there was already a long queue, and to the matter worse, the lady at the food counter was rather rude to the customers.

And as for the food, the roti canai was very, very delicious but the kari kambing which was too sweet, was not as good as what we were hoping for.

Anyway, we did not try the Nasi Arab.

Is it worth for us to drive away from the highway just to eat at the restaurant?

Well, at least from now on, we are satisfied that we have tried the kari kambing at the ‘Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari’ whenever we the pass the restaurant as we drive along the PLUS highway.

In a long queue at the restaurant for our brunch before continuing our journey to Tanjung Piai.
In a long queue at the restaurant for our brunch before continuing our journey to Tanjung Piai.

NaPoWriMo Poem #13: Pizza, My Favourite Food

Pizza, pizza,
Took a bite a chewed,
It is so tasty,
Pizza is my favourite food.

Beef pepperoni,
Olives, jalapeno, basil,
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, 
But do not add the apple.

Sniff the tasty aroma,
Chew and taste it,
Cheesy, delicious pizza,
Nothing can beat it!

Tiny People In The World Of Big Foods

Photographer Christopher Boffoli had photographed a collection of wonderful photo featuring tiny, hand-painted figures photographed against real food environments.

He photographed them as if they were climbing some rock candy, collecting salts, went to a linguine car wash and others.

Aren’t they cute?

(Please click the photos for larger images)


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Cinnamon Bread

Thick slices of tasty cinnamon bread.
Thick slices of tasty cinnamon bread.

We bake our own breads and they are much more tastier and healthier than the ones from the grocery stores or the local bakeries.

And I love the aroma of freshly baked breads.

My mother bakes all kinds of breads and one of them is Cinnamon Bread.

Cinnamon Bread is very tasty and it is tastier if we toast the bread and eat them with butter and cinnamon sugar.

It is beautiful too because it have swirls in the middle of the loaf.

A piece of freshly baked Cinnamon Bread
A piece of freshly baked Cinnamon Bread.

Anyway, even though I love cinnamons and I enjoy eating Cinnamon Bread, I actually prefer the whole wheat bread that I made.

My mother taught me how to make the whole wheat bread named, The Grant Loaf because it is one of the easiest bread to make 🙂

Apart from Cinnamon Bread, my mother also made Cinnamon Buns for us to enjoy.

Freshly Baked Cinnamon Buns!
Hot and freshly baked Cinnamon Buns! Nice on its own or we can glanced it for  sweeter bites.

Yummy Apple Cake

The tasty apple cake baked by my big sister, Kaman.
The tasty apple cake baked by my big sister, Kaman.

Yesterday, my big sister, Kaman baked an apple cake.

I really love the cake.

The cake was so moist and so tasty.

That was Kaman’s third cake, her first cake was a sponge cake and her second cake was a pound cake.

The apple cake recipe was from Fabio Viviani and Fabio named the cake, Fabio’s Apple Cake.

My mother says that this cake is very special because it uses olive oil instead of butter and lots of sweet red apples.

I guess Fabio uses olive oil because Fabio came to America from Italy and there are lots of olive trees in the Mediterranean countries.

Anyway the apple cake was very, very tasty and it is surely a healthy cake because olive oil is good for our health.

I enjoyed the cake more than I enjoyed any other cakes.

The Best Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru

Aunty Sham’s bubur lambuk is the best bubur lambuk in Kampung Baru.

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Looking for the best and original bubur lambuk(please click here) in Kuala Lumpur?

Yesterday my family and I went to Kampung Baru to buy Aunty Sham’s bubur lambuk(please click here) for iftar.

Aunty Sham’s stall is in the red square.

Aunty Sham’s bubur lambuk Kampung Baru is very, very, very delicious.

A steaming hot bubur lambuk in a huge pot.

And Aunty Sham’s bubur lambuk is the best bubur lambuk in Kampung Baru.

Cooking bubur lambuk is a very, very, very hard work.

We need to always stir the bubur lambuk so that it won’t get burnt at the bottom part of the pot.

Aunty Sham stirring her bubur lambuk. This row of huge pots of bubur lambuk are sold out very fast.

This is the first time I stir food in a huge pot.

It was very, very, very, very, very, very hot at the time I stir the bubur lambuk.

Aunty Sham let me try stirring the bubur lambuk.

It takes a very long time for the bubur lambuk to be cooked.

Thank you Aunty Sham, for cooking my favourite Ramadhan dish :mrgreen:

This pot of bubur lambuk is ready to be packed.
Each pack of bubur lambuk is sold at RM2.00.

Aunty Sham had been selling her bubur lambuk every Ramadhan for years and years at the same place across the Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru and in front of the Al Islam Specialist Hospital‘s new building.

In fact, Aunty Sham’s bubur lambuk is already popular even before I was born at the Al Islam Specialist Hospital or Kampung Baru Medical Centre 🙂

Aunty Sham’s stall is in front of the Al Islam Specialist Hospital.
A banner at Aunty Sham’s stall.

The Special, Delicious Terengganu Sweet Cakes

In Terengganu we have lots of delicious traditional sweet cakes.

Most of them are made of lots of eggs, coconut milk and sugar such as akok, jala mas and sekaya.

Yummy Terengganu food. On the right is 'akok', cream puff is on the left and the top is 'kasidah'.On the far right is 'sekaya'.

Anyway these tasty food are hard to get in Kuala Lumpur.

The tasty 'jala mas'.

So we were so happy to have them at the book launch of AMoT at the RA Fine Arts Gallery.

These delicious Terengganu cakes were cooked by Aunty Asma.

Aunty Asma is a very good cook.

Aunty Asma, the chef serving the delicious food at the event.

For the event, Aunty Asma cooked akok, sekaya, kasidah, jala mas, karipap, pulut lepa, cream puff, gopal and fried mee hoon.

My big sister Kaman (L), Kafah (middle) and I (R) are enjoying the tasty food.

I think the people in Terengganu uses lots of eggs in their sweet cakes because they want to be healthy since eggs are rich protein :mrgreen:

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Tasty And Nutritious Ful Medames

Ful medamas-this is one of my favourite dinner

I love to eat ful medames or fūl Müdemmis (فول مدمّس).

Ful medames is a very tasty and healthy dish made out of beans.

This dish is actually from Egypt but it is popular in Sudan and Saudi Arabia too.

It is made from fava beans.

We eat ful medames with onion, garlic, tomatoes, olive slices, tahini, lime, olive oil and Arabian flat bread and falafel.

How to cook ful medames:

  1. Cook the fava beans with olive oil and garlic.

  2. When the beans are cooked, mash the beans.

  3. Then, serve the ful.

  4. Add some olive oil before eating our ful.

I love to add a lot of olive oil so my ful will be tastier.

I also like to eat falafel (فلافل‎) with ful, so my mother will cook falafel whenever she cooks ful.

Falafel is also a healthy food that originated from Egypt.

Falafel is made from chickpeas.

Ful reminds me of chili con carne because it is a bean dish too.

Mr. Food

Yesterday I was reading about food in my science book.

There was an instruction to draw our favorite food.

Suddenly I had an idea of how to draw my favorite food 💡

This is my drawing.

I call it Mr. Food 😉

Mr. Food is made out of food.

His face is an apple 🙂

His eyes and nose are grapes 😕

His ears are strawberries 😡

His hands and feet are ‘sambung nyawa'(Gynura procumbens) 😳

His body and hair are lettuces 😆

He is 0 years old.

Isn’t he cute

Keropok Lekor

Keropok lekor is a food.

It is a healthy food.

Keropok lekor don’t have trans-fat.

They use fish to make keropok lekor.

I like to eat keropok lekor.

Yesterday I ate keropok lekor.

They are so tasty.

We bought them at Tanjong.

I watched a woman making keropok lekor.

I also went to another keropok lekor place in Bukit Tok Beng.

There they use machine to make keropok lekor.

But the seller was very rude.

Do you like keropok lekor?

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