The Adventures of Sir Hanianon (Episode 1)

Once upon a time, in the 1490s there was a man named Hanianon.

He was a knight and lived in Calovinia.


He liked adventures.

The Jupron was the enemy of Calovinia.

King Antire the 20th of Jupron ordered his knights to destroy the castle of Calovinia.

And so King Sakiorone of Calovinia ordered some of his armies to defend the castle with their best skills while the others were sent to attack the Jupron’s castle.

Sir Hanianon led 20 heavy cannon, 500 cavalry archers and 49 other skirmishers to attack Jupron.

So, off they went to the castle of Jupron to attack their enemy.

This is the bird’s eye view of the battle at the Jupron’s castle. The grey rectangles on the left are the castle and other buildings around it and the brown square is their outpost. The grey dots are their infantry while the purple lines are their cavalry. Some of the Jupron’s infantry are crossing their drawbridge to attack their enemy. On the right, the grey line is the Calovinian infantry, the blue lines are their cavalry while the brown lines are their artillery.

But they were defeated and they had to retreat.

They were left with only 5 skirmishers, 1 heavy cannon and 30 cavalry archers.

As soon as they reached Calovinia, they fought to defend their castle together with the other troop.

The battle was over and the Calovinian managed to defeat their enemy. 

Jupron went to Zolaphat to ask for help.

Meanwhile, Sir Hanianon went to Torkiy for help.

Torkiy send the powerful Janissary while and Zolaphat send Fusiliers.

The Calovinian defeated the Jupron’s armies and destroyed their castle but the King Antire the 20th of Jupron managed to run away to Cinra.

The Story Of Mr. Walabacha

One sunny day in Casto, a pink puppet named Mr. Walabacha woke up late in the morning while the sun is shining very brightly.

Mr. Walabacha had just graduated from the Casto Medical School.

Mr. Walabacha

And then he said, “I’m going to look for a job today” as the alarm ringing reminding him to do so.

So he took the newspaper and began to search for a job that was suitable for him.

Hours later he found a job he was looking for, and he rushed to take his pen, paper and envelope to apply for the job.

After his wrote his application letter, he asked his pigeon to send the letter to the Hilmanian Hospital or Hilmaniano Loptiko in Hilmanian language.

As soon as the boss of the Hilmaniano Loptiko read the letter, he went to Mr. Walabacha’s house and took him to the hospital to start working as a Hilmanian Doctor.

The next year Mr. Walabacha wanted to go on a holiday to his hometown, Casto Camelia.

A few of his friends wanted to join him so they all bought plane tickets to Casto Camelia together with Mr. Walabacha.

They all were very excited about the trip and when the day came, they all went to the airport together.

They boarded the plane but after a few hour in the air, the engine of the plane suddenly stopped.

People were screaming and Mr. Walabacha and his friends were very scared.

The plane was out of fuel!

It started to went down and crash into the water just minutes before reaching the Casto Camelia airport.

The plane was crashing down towards the water near the airport.

But suddenly millions of dolphin swam to the plane and caught and slides the plane.

Together the dolphins pushed the plane to the ground near the airport.

So everyone was safe including Mr. Walabacha and his friends.

They were all very happy and hoped that one day they can meet and thank the wonderful dolphins that saved them.

The End.

The Race

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful place called Hilmania.

It was a beautiful place where special trees grew bearing juicy, tasty fruits.

One day, a chipmunk went to a hare’s house.

He wanted to have a race with the hare.

The hare agreed and they met the next day for the race.

The chipmunk was surprised that the hare was much faster than him.

After leaving the chipmunk far behind, the hare decided to rest.

30 minutes later, the chipmunk led the race but later the hare overtook the chipmunk.

The hare woke up and was very surprised to see the chipmunk was leading the race.

Later, the hare saw some cute little mice and he decided to play with them.

One of the cute little mice playing in the bushes.

The chipmunk ran as fast as he could and reached the finish line.

The finish line.

So the moral of the story is, don’t stop during a race even if you are faster than your opponent and do not give up even when you think that you may not be able to win 🙂

Flappy and Friends

Once upon a time, there’s a foam dragon named Flappy.

He is a nice, friendly and colourful dragon.

Flappy, the foam gragon.

One day he met a witch named White Witch and a squirrel named Squeezeatize.

White Witch
Squeezeatize, the squirrel.

They played and lived together happily.

One day, they met some football players.

Flappy and one of the football players

They all became friends and had fun together.

And that’s how Flappy the dragon made friends.

The End

The Tales Of The Baggy Bug

Once upon a time there was a cute little bug.

The cute little bug.

The bug is a good flier but it cannot walk.

One day, it met a big brown bear.

The nice, fluffy, big brown bear.

The bear was very nice and fluffy.

That was the first time it saw the bug.

So it asked the little bug, “What kind of animal are you?”

The bug answered, ” I don’t know.”

The big bear asked, “Are you holding a bag?”

The little bug answered, ” Yes, but the bag is stuck on my back.”

The bear said, “Then, I’ll call you Baggy Bug!”

And that is how Baggy Bugs are called Baggy Bug 🙂

The End

The CAL 2

Please click here for ‘The CAL’ Part 1.

Written and illustrated by Ahmad Ali.


The CAL managed to defend Calovinia from Arguay. The king of Calovinia was very happy. The king asked his servant named Urban to give The CAL a few bags of gold and golden coins and also three holiday tickets to the White Chestnut Beach.

White Chestnut Beach

At the White Chestnut Beach, they met Kolilama the purple monkey. When it’s time to go back home, The CAL invited Kolilama for a sleep over at their office in Vateli Street, Calovinia.

The next day Meranda went on a secret mission to the moon. During her mission she discovered  a new planet. Meranda named the new planet Zackron.

Planet Samanine (left) and Planet Zackron (bottom right). Zackron's moons named Honti (middle), Peddol (above left Zackron). Sackremin (above right) was the biggest star around Planet Zackron.

After her mission was over, she called the others and brought them up to Planet Zackron. Bek took a picture of the new planet and gave it to a newspaper reporter. The reporter worked for a popular newspaper named ‘Smeilys’. The reporter came to their office to interview Meranda about Planet Zackron.

The next day, Lia went out to buy ‘Smeilys’. On the front page of ‘Smeilys’, The CAL saw the picture and the news of Planet Zackron. They were very happy.

The news about Planet Zackron was on the front page of 'Smeilys'. 'Smeiys' was a very popular newspaper in Calovinia.


The End 🙂



Please click here for The CAL Part 2

Written and illustrated by Ahmad Ali



One upon a time, there was a griffin, a lion and a chipmunk.

The griffin’s name was Meranda.


Lia was the lion’s name.


And the chipmunk was named Bek.


They were known as The CAL.

Meranda vote for Chelsea and Liverpool was what Lia vote for.

Chelsea Logo
Liverpool Logo

But Bek didn’t know which football club to vote, so Meranda  gave the letter A, and Lia gave the letter L.

Bek got an idea.

He vote for Arsenal; which started by the letter A and ended by the letter L.

Arsenal Logo

That was why they called their rescue club, ‘The CAL’.

But only the three of them knew why the club was named The CAL.

One day they met a beaman named Tovilla.

Tovilla the Beaman.

A beaman was an animal with a human head and legs and a body and hands of a bear.

The next day, The CAL had a mission to defend Calovinia from Arguay.

To be Continued