Budu Explosion

Yesterday there was a brown spot on the kitchen ceiling.

It was a big spot.

It was actually BUDU!

Here is the story.

I was playing in the playroom.

Suddenly I heard mama and Kaman screaming.

I went to the kitchen and smell something smelly.

I saw a big brown thing on my house’s kitchen ceiling.

There were also tiny brown spots on the kitchen floor.

My mother told me that it is BUDU

It can go up there because it exploded.

My mother was opening a bottle of budu.


Suddenly the budu blast of to the ceiling.

The budu spot on the kitchen ceiling
The budu spot on the kitchen ceiling

I want to know why  budu  explode?

Before this I don’t know that budu can explode.

Do not play Fire Crackers

Some people like to play fire-cracker but fire-cracker is bad.

1. Wasting money because we have to buy fire-cracker.

2. If the fire-cracker explode and

A. Hit a building – it can burn the building.

B. Hit their hand – they can lose their hand or finger.

C. Hit their eyes – they can be blind.

D. Hit their clothes – it will burn and hurt their body.

3. Fire-crackers are noisy. People cannot pray, read the Quran or sleep.

4. Allah does not like fire-cracker.

5. I don’t play fire-crackers because I am a good boy.

Fire carckers are bad
Fire carckers are bad
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