A Surprise Durian Party

I am standing in front the field facing the Dato' Haji Ahmad Badawi Hall.

On Sunday, July 17, 2011 we had a wonderful durian party at Dato’ Haji Ahmad Badawi Hall, in Butterworth, Penang.

The party started after the seminar(SEMAIAN) that we attended at the hall.

We were going back to the hotel when the uncles from ‘GABUNGAN’ brought us a very big bag of durians.

They said the durians were from orchards in Balik Pulau where the best durians from Penang come from.

The durians were very sweet and tasty.

We had the party outside the seminar room, facing a nice green field, full of pigeons. 

It was the best durian party that I ever had :mrgreen:

To eat the durians, we must first open the fruits 🙂

Pak Cik Burhan is trying had to open a durian..
Mmm...tasty and sweet. I am eating durian..
I(middle) was enjoing durian with my father(L) and Pak Cik Burhan(R).
"Where is my durian?", asked my sad sister Kafah. From left is my mother, Kafah, my father, me and Pak Cik Burhan. Everybody are enjoing tasty durian; except Kafah...


Durian is a fruit.

We call durian the king of fruit.

I like to eat durian.

When I eat durian I say mmmmmmm.

Ripe durian has strong smell.

I like the smell of ripe durian.

Durian’s skin is very hard.

The colour of durian’s skin is green.

There are lots of big thorns on the skin.

Durian’s flesh is soft and tasty.

The colour of the flesh is yellow.

There is stone inside the soft flesh.

Durian trees are big.

People don’t climb the durian trees to pick durian.

Durians fall from the tree when they are ripe.

This is a durian tree
This is a durian tree

You can eat fresh durian.

You can make durian cake and durian ice-cream too.

But I like to eat fresh durian.

The picture on your left is a durian cake and the picture on the right is a durian ice cream
The picture on the left is a durian cake and the picture on the right is a durian ice cream

About Anisah Afifah

This me and my sister Kafah
This is me and my sister Kafah sharing Abah's jacket

Anisah is my big sister.

Anisah has a blog.

On 5th December Anisah will be 8.

Last time Anisah doesn’t want to go to school but now Anisah likes to go to school.

Anisah likes milk, durian and ice-cream.

Anisah likes to play with me and Anisah likes to read storybooks.

But I call her Kafah because her name is Anisah Afifah.

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