My Digital Drawings

I use Microsoft Paint on Windows 7 to draw these pictures:

Modern Art - Imation. 'Imation' is just a word that I created as the title for this picture.
An Angry Lady
'No Table Allowed' Sign
Michael Jackson

Food On The Table
Chinese Lady
Boy Illusion. If you cover the two black dots you will see a smiley face. If you cover the two white dots you will see a smiley face.
'Hand' Pointer Symbols

A Smiling Face In The Sky

Last night I saw a sweet smiling face in the sky.

It was very beautiful.smiley-in-the-sky2

The eyes were made up of two planets.

They were Planet Jupiter and Planet Venus.

The mouth was the crescent.

But there was no nose.

It was smiling at me.


It looked like my drawing when I was little.

But in my drawing the eyes were stars.

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