Flappy and Friends

Once upon a time, there’s a foam dragon named Flappy.

He is a nice, friendly and colourful dragon.

Flappy, the foam gragon.

One day he met a witch named White Witch and a squirrel named Squeezeatize.

White Witch
Squeezeatize, the squirrel.

They played and lived together happily.

One day, they met some football players.

Flappy and one of the football players

They all became friends and had fun together.

And that’s how Flappy the dragon made friends.

The End



Jellabies live in Jolly Jelly World.

In the Jolly Jelly World everything is made out of jelly.

There are six Jellabies.

The Jellabies’ names are:

  1. Strum

  2. Bouncey

  3. Denny

  4. Pepper

  5. Amber

  6. Coral

Strum is purple and he likes to play saxophone.

Bouncey is yellow.

He likes to drive his bumper car.

Denny is blue and he lives in his boat.

He likes to sail his boat in the jelly lake.

Pepper is red and lives in a tree house.

Amber is orange and she has a pink twin sister named Coral.

Amber has a hot air balloon.

The Jellabies have a friend named Duffy The Dragon.

The Jellabies make rainbows using the Jelly Scope.

Jellabies can’t talk.

I like Pepper the most because he is red.

And my favourite colour is red.

I think Jellabies is fun because the characters are cute.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit.

Dragon fruit is not a dragon.

But it looks like a dragon.

I like to eat dragon fruit.

They tasted so sweet.

When I eat dragon fruit, I say mmmmmmmmmm…

I went to a dragon fruit orchard in Lumut, Perak.

I saw a lot of dragon fruit trees.

They looked like cactus.

I have a dragon fruit tree in my garden but it is still small.

When it grows big, there will be flower on the tree.

The flower will change to a fruitDRAGON FRUIT!

Dragon fruit orchard near Swiss Garden Damai Laut Resort Lumut, Perak
Dragon fruit orchard near Swiss Garden Damai Laut Resort Lumut, Perak
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