My First Bread, ‘The Grant Loaf’

My first bread, 'The Grant Loaf'.
My first bread, ‘The Grant Loaf’.

Homemade breads are very delicious.

My mother always bakes all kinds of tasty breads like olive bread, cinnamon loaf, Pan Mistura, naan, pita, cornbread and others.

I have always wanted to bake something too, just like my mother and my big sisters.

Finally, on December 18, 2012, I baked my first bread with a little help from my mother.

I was so happy when my mother told me that she was going to teach me how to bake a bread.

It was a wholewheat bread named, The Grant Loaf.

The recipe was from a recipe book given to my big sisters and I by my late great grandfather, named ‘Cooking With Kids’.

First I have to wash my hands with soap and water.

After mixing the ingredients, I kneaded the dough and the dough stuck to my fingers 🙂

I was kneading the dough.
I was kneading the dough.

It was fun!

After that, we let the dough rest until it rose twice of its size. 

The dough rose up beautifully.
The dough rose up beautifully.

Then my mother helped me to put the bread in the oven.

My bread is now inside the oven.
My bread is now inside the oven.

It was so delicious and it is a healthy bread because it uses wholewheat flour instead of white flour.

I am so proud of my first bread.

How To Make Cheese Puff-Photos

Cheese Puff

On Monday, I made cheese puffs.

They are so delicious   :mrgreen:   😉

They are healthy food too because we do not use margarine.

To make cheese puff, first we need to make the cheese puff skin.

We need:

  • flour


  • egg


  • butter

  • salt

  • cold water

Mix the ingredients into a dough.

Roll the dough and cut the dough into tiny round shapes   :opps:

Roll the dough

Put the cheese in the middle of the circle.

Cheese ❗

Cling the edge.

Cling the edge

Fry them in hot oil until cooked.

We can make curry puff, sardine puff and peanut butter puff using the same dough.

  • to make curry puff, use curry puff filling instead of cheese.

  • to make sardine puff, use sardine puff filling instead of cheese.

  • to make peanut butter puff, use peanut butter puff filling instead of cheese.

    Peanut butter

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