A Visit To Pusat Sains Negara (Part 2) In Photos

The main hall of Pusat Sains Negara.

Please click here to read about my visit to the National Science Centre.

My big sisters and I near the entrance to the ‘Future World’.
I trying hard to fly the helicopter with the help of my big sister Kashah at the ‘Flight ‘ section.
I was pumping hard to launch the rocket.
At the ‘Eureka’ , my big sister and I are trying to get the ball down the hole.
Nice music…at ‘Eureka’.
I’m operating the ‘crane’. This is really fun.
Got it! I really enjoy operating the ‘crane’.
At the ‘Pathway To Science’ with my big sister Kafah.
Moving the balls trough this machine is really fun and it teaches us about how simple machine works.
We have to work together to get balls moves throughout the whole machine…
The ‘Wonderspark’ section is also amazing.
Jumping and shouting under the ‘Echo Dome’.
Stepping on the special ‘buttons’ to ‘activate’ the ‘Musical Fountain’.
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