Sh-sh-shivering Winter In Europe

Now  there is a very cold winter in Europe.

Thick snows covered cars, houses and also trees.

Rivers, lakes and canals are frozen.

More than 400 people died.

But in Malaysia, it is very hot…..

I wish it snows in Malaysia 🙂

So, I wrote  a poem entitled, ‘Snowing in Malaysia’:

Snowing in Malaysia
If  only it ever be snowed….
….all over the Malaysian road
I’ll then be making snowman
or  maybe  some ‘snowvan’…
Playing with snowballs
and not
going to the malls
If Malaysia ever be snowed….

Here are some pictures of the cold winter in Europe:

A city phone is seen covered with hoarfrost, with the air temperature at about minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit), in Kiev, February 1, 2012. (REUTERS)
A frozen house is seen on a track of the Sedivackuv. Long dog sled race in Destne v Orlickych horach, January 26, 2012. Each year, racers from all over Europe arrive to the village of Destne in Orlicke mountains in Czech Republic to take part in this race series. REUTERS/Petr Josek
Icicles hang on a rock as the sun sinks in the west in the Thuringian Forest near Eisenach, central Germany, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012. A cold spell has reached central and eastern Europe with temperatures far below zero. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)
An iced gargoyle in a fountain in Zurich, Thursday Feb. 2, 2012. A cold spell has reached central and eastern Europe with temperatures far below zero. (AP Photo/Keystone/Alessandro Della Bella)
Ice is pictured on a a warning sign at the harbour of Versoix near Geneva February 3, 2012.
A man walks past an ice covered car on the frozen waterside promenade at Lake Geneva in the Swiss city of Versoix. (AFP)
A hiker walks in front of a frozen waterfall in Oberhaslach, eastern France. Ice-breakers Tuesday battled Europe's big chill as the Danube river froze over more than 100 miles (170 kilometres), and dozens died of cold on a continent gripped by some of the lowest temperatures in decades. (AFP Photo/Frederick Florin)
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