In Photos: Wacana Agenda Kristian Se Dunia: Rujukan Khas Malaysia

Dr. Yusri Mohamad, former president of ABIM and Chairman of PEMBELA
Dr. Yusri Mohamad, former president of ABIM and Chairman of PEMBELA welcoming the participants to the discourse. (photo is under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 License)
Dr. Ashraf giving his speech
Dr. Ashraf Wajdi Dusuki, the president Islamic Da’wah Foundation Malaysia (Yadim) president officiated the program.
A. Karim Omar presenting his slideshow during the Wacana Agenda Kristian Se-Dunia
My father, A. Karim Omar, the secretary general of Muafakat and PEMBELA is presenting his paper and slideshows during the Wacana Agenda Kristian Se-Dunia.
Abdul Razak telling the tale of his daughter/son who also murtad.
Uncle Abdul Razak shares his experience with the participants.
Mat Som telling the story about her daughter, Azlina Jailani that was converted to Christian
Puan Kalthum Omar or Nenek Som , the mother of Azlina Jailani or Lina Joy is telling the sad story about her daughter.
Dato' Zainul Rijal bin Abu Bakar during his speech
Uncle Dato’ Zainul Rijal bin Abu Bakar the president of Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia talks about the ‘kalimah Allah’ case on August 22, 2013.
Abdul Karim bin Omar answering questions
A. Karim bin Omar and Dr. Yusri during the question and answer session.
From Left, Uncle Zainol Rijal, Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa, ____, Dr. Ashraf, ---, ---, ---, ---, Dato' Aidit Ghazali
Before the program started.
Zulkifli Noordin (C)
The participants are listening to the speech.
Sitting on the wheelchair is Mat Som
Beside Nenek Som (R) is Aunty Liza (in black jubah).
With Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa
Ustaz Nasha (R) and I (L).
Ibrahim Ali and Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa having a secret discussion hiding behind a plant.
A secret meeting behind a plastic plant! I wonder what is Datuk Ibrahim Ali (L) from PERKASA telling Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa (R).
From left: Uztazah _______ _____, Uztaz Nakhaie
At the VIP dinning room. From left is Datuk Nakhaie Ahmad’s wife, Datuk Nakhaie Ahmad and Uncle Norman.
From Left: Uncle Mahmud, Uncle Anuar, Abang Razak. Atuk Mansor, Aunty Zaharah Sulaiman, __________, Uncle YB Zulkifli bin Noordin
At another table, from left is Uncle Mahmud, Uncle Anuar, Abang Razak, Atuk Mansor, Aunty Zaharah Sulaim, ex Suara Keadilan editor and Uncle Datuk Zulkifli bin Noordin.
From Left: Mat Som(Lina Joy's Mother), ______, Dr. Yusri Mohammad.
From left is Nenek Som, her grandson and Uncle Yusri.
From Left: Aunty Liza, Mat Som, _____, Asmahan Ahmad, Dr. Yusri Mohammad
From left is Aunty Liza, Aunty Som, her grandson, my mother and Uncle Yusri.
From left, Uncle Sheikh Karim (not my father…), me, Uncle Zul and Uncle Mahmud are having our lunch.
We are enjoying our lunch.
With Zahrah Binti Sulaiman
My photo with Aunty Zahrah Sulaiman, a historian.
With Mat Som
A photo with Nenek Som. From left is Uncle Yusri, Aunty Liza, my big sister Kashah, Ahmad Ali (me) and Abang Nik.
Mat Som is carried on her wheelchair to go to the car.
Nenek Som is carried on her wheelchair to go to the car.
Mat Som is carried on her wheelchair to go to the car.
I’m  trying to help too ,,,,,

What Ibrahim Ali And Khalid Samad Say To Nurul Izzah’s Statement

Most Muslims are very angry and sad for the things Nurul Izzah said at a forum, ‘Islamic State: Which version; Who’s responsibility?’ at the Subang Jaya Full Gospel Church.

Please listen to what Datuk Ibrahim Ali said:

And here is what PAS MP Khalid Samad said:

What will the others say?

Will other PAS leaders agree with Nurul Izzah and Khalid Samad?

PAS always claims to be an Islamic party.

They surely do not want Muslims to convert to other religions if they’re leaders of an Islamic party, do they?

So, I am waiting for PAS’s official statement; or will there be any official statement from PAS?

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