My Ambition

My ambition is to be a politician. First I want to win an election. I’ll win the election when lots and lots and lots of people vote for me.

PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

I want to be a politician because I want to help other people. I want to give speeches at PWTC. PWTC is Putra World Trade Centre. I want to speak at the United Nations meetings. I also like to meet lots and lots of people.

United Naitions Geneva
United Nations, Geneva

I have to study hard because I want to be a smart politician. I want to go to lots of important meetings. I want to make the world clean so that there won’t be too much floods, landslide and other disasters. I want the world to be peaceful and no more wars like the war in Palestine. War is a disaster. Lots of people die. Lots of houses destroyed and the place will be  full of trash and it can cause a flood. Animals and plants will die too. So we can’t eat meat,vegetables and fruits.

My grandfather Ahmad Omar was a politician in Terengganu.  He won the election. He worked at the United Nations in Geneva long time ago. My grandfather’s uncle  Dato’ Amar was the first Terengganu’s Chief Minister.

James Bond’s Car Collection

James Bond 007 cars’ collection are very beautiful.

I have all of the James Bond’s cars.

There are 2 Aston Martins, 1 Lotus Esprit, 1 Sunbeam Alpine 5 and 1 BMW Z3 Roadster.


James Bond used Aston Martin DBS in QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

James Bond used Aston Martin DB5 in GOLDFINGER.

James Bond used Lotus Esprit in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.

James Bond used Sunbeam Alpine 5 in DR. NO.

James Bond used BMW Z3 Roadster in  GOLDENEYE.

I love to play with the James Bond’s cars.

The best is the Lotus Esprit because it can float on water.

But I have never watched the James Bond 007 movies.

My father watched some of them.

I think in Terengganu James Bond is Jeng Bong.

I went to Atuk Man’s Shell Station in Kuala Terengganu to buy the cars.

Atuk Man is my mother’s father’s cousin.

Atuk Man is Dato’ Amar’s son.

Dato’ Amar was Terengganu’s Chief Minister long, long, long time ago.

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