One D.Pax Office Had Been Closed For 1 Year

Here is my latest report on D.Pax Company (click here about D.Pax):

I made it in PowerPoint slide but I don’t know how to post it.

So I use image here.

My Future Company – “D. Pax”

The name of my company is “D. Pax”

This is continuation from my previous post: My Future Projects

This are the staffs of “Happy Birthday:

  1. Ali (boss)

  2. Ali
  3. Bear Wangi (assistant)

  4. Bear Wangi
  5. Kanora Glista (Part Timer)

  6. Kanora Glista
  7. Ila (Part Timer)

  8. Ila
  9. Barney (Part Timer)

  10. Barney
  11. Kittty (Designer)

  12. Kittty
  13. Tesco (Asst. Designer)

  14. Tesco
  15. Fah (Asst. Designer)

  16. Fah
  17. Fresh Pulp (Part Timer)

  18. Fresh Pulp
  19. Happy Birthday (High Members)

  20. Happy Birthday
  21. Kiki Spatchy (Senior)

  22. Kiki Spatchy
  23. Kid The Barneys (High Members)

  24. Kid The Barneys